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  1. Motherboard: Crosshair 8 hero. CPU: AMD Ryzen 9 3900X 12-Core Processor 3.80 GHz. RAM: 32GB GFX Nivida 2070 super 8GB. O.S: Windows 10 Home 64bit. Peripherals: Logitech G923, Logitech G910, Logitech G502 Running in background: Steam, Norton, Goove Music, Logitech GHub, Xbox app, Nivida. I haven't unplugged my wheel since I bought it a year ago it works fine with the game never had any issues with it. this issue started after 1.05
  2. it's not just the 4 track's we are missing it's also the sprint races and they call this the OFFICAL F1 Game lol
  3. When I shut down the game Steam says its still running and I cant get it to stop running, it does not show up in the task manager until I force Steam to shut down, the task manager is telling me that the F1.exe is still using memory.
  4. half way though a race my team mate went out (DNF) and I was wondering what happened to him. would like to ask Jeff these questions= 1: is my team mate ok?. 2: what happened?. Jeff could reply with= 1: Yeah he's ok, driver error. 2: yeah he's ok, car part failure. 3: yeah he's ok (driver name) hit him.
  5. yes you can turn off 'engineer tutorials' in FP. but he still talks about what program your about to start, been racing with Jeff for years now and he still treats me like the new kid. I wonder does he do it to my team mate
  6. can we have a option to stop Jeff talking about the what to do in the practice programs? I'm tired of hearing what each one is about at every race event I've been racing these games for 11 years I'm not a rookie and even if I was after a few races we should get the idea.
  7. after 1.05 patch. Mexico race full length, i took first on lap 69 out of 71 and won the race with Hamilton 5 sec's behind me and Bottas 20 sec's behind behind Lewis, it was such a good race I watched the race highlights when it returned to the results page lewis and bottas changed positions. there wasn't any penalties. PC. My Team. sorry didnt take note of the code.
  8. its not really a bug so i am posting here.. FP1 one of my programs to do was tyre wear and it gives me 3 laps to do it. now here's the problem with the average tyre wear booster if you get it in the purple on the first lap it ends the program so I can't get the average tyre wear booster. it would be better if we have to do the 3 laps even if you get purple on the first lap.
  9. is it possible to get a wolf's head emblem so i can use it for my team please.
  10. Nigel Mansell and Damon Hill, i could name a few more F1 champions that are not in the drivers market but i didn't want to seem to greedy 🙂
  11. not interested in the story mode or online play, i am only into career and my team
  12. it doesn't matter if the assists are on or not. its happen to me a Canada and spa, i have quit playing till its fixed. i have noticed that it happens more often if its a wet race
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