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  1. Its not the fault of thrustmaster, it works on the ps5 but only the game f1 2021 doenst accept it, the ps4 version on the ps5 does . So codemasters ****** up and need to change it so whe can play the ps5 version on the ps5 like its ment to
  2. New version is on it. Weird thing is it works with the ps5 . It calibrates but only with the game f1 2021 ps5 version not. So its not The ps5 its the ps5version of f1 2021
  3. Indeed it calibrates Just fine with the ps5 when i start the game it doesnt. With otter games no problem . Very strange
  4. Okay but that is ******* weird that the new version t500 is not compatible en t300 does. It was sold to me that the t500 also would work on the ps5 . Not very happy why else a ps5 if you can not live the full experiance of it . But thnx for the feedback
  5. I have a problem with my Thrustmaster t500rs . When i plug it in the ps5 it calibrates Just fine. But when i start the new f1 game it doenst sync or calibrates like with f1 2020. Please help, i hate racing with the controller and that is not why i have a wheel ofcourse
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