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  1. Takes me some time to find a match but I have just completed my first online session via quick join (beginner). Fingers crossed the update fixed the bug and made the online part of the game finally work. would love to hear if you forsee some sort of compensation for loss time though.
  2. Good that youre finding solutions and posting them. Perhaps it helps them track the bug/issue too. Hope they fix it soon and compensate for our loss of game time aswell.
  3. You can do the same with your phone I assume. I bet its 100% due to ISP blocking certain ports or settings the game uses/needs to play online.
  4. Could be, but Vodafone uses a different technology for internet (ADSL or fibre optic) and Ziggo uses Fibre to Coax.
  5. Not working for me either. Guess you’re the lucky ‘one’.
  6. CH7465LG should be Compal brand as well. Compal = CH7465LG-ZG Arris = TG2492LG
  7. Netherlands Ziggo Partly fiber, which is distributed from the street circuit to in home Coax Cable Compal CH7465LG (ziggo connect box) 1,5 meter coax cable to modem + 1,5 meter cat6 cable to xbox series x NAT type is OPEN
  8. Guys please post your report code which can be found in the Settings Menu, bottem left corner, as BarryBL is asking you to do. Help them fix the problem
  9. For one youre not an employee or in any way affiliated with this game or support section so why would u make this statement? Considering the amount of people that are reporting this issue, without any clear and easy solution given by Codemasters, it’s more than just a setting or in-game option. It surely will be fixed but the amount of time it will take will make the fix and our wait worth it or not. Don’t downplay our problem when you don’t know how much time we wasted on trying to make the game work.
  10. Instead of responding in Dutch give them a clear overview such as the report code they are asking for. In the end we want to get this fixed, no?
  11. NAT type is open with uPnP enabled and also open when uPnP disabled with port forwarding
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