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  1. "X competitors in the community events" says nothing about how many players are plays this game (but doesn't plays events) and how many players are just own the game (but doesn't plays at the moment).
  2. In real life there will be a man who will say you where you failed and why. In the game it is easier to use a ghost or a color ribbon on the road. Both used in several "racing sims". Can you assert that the principle "follow a more experienced pilot" is not used in real training? Almost so. This is a realistic GAME for a wide range of players.
  3. Practice and practice and much more practice should be before realistic/final/man's rally challenge. And there are a lot of place for the "teachers" when you are doing practice. I can't understand why it so confusing you.
  4. Ghosts is an important part of "driving school". They are good teachers. And they can be disallowed in rated/online races. Who said that you will be forced to play with ghosts? But many players will be glad to understand own mistakes using a ghosts.
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