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  1. Good morning, I'd want write this topic because i found unplayable this game with other drivers online. We are 20 drivers more or less, I generated a championship first and then i moved on simple personal lobby but the trouble are the same. On championship we was all of us able to entry in to the lobby but then the game locked between q1 and q2..then after forming lap and ect ect. yesterday we tried to change way moving to Private lobby but went impossible add all of us inside to the lobby. In alternance was 2 drivers that was unable to join in. I don't know what else we can do to continu
  2. hello to everyone, please someone can help me to find in to the Udp's packages where I can find a list about CarIndex of that Lobby? Thank
  3. my friend i'm starting to feel the smell of the victory but not yet it happened .... i did what you said but let me shoe you what received why? believe me , i don't know minimally what i'm doing 😅
  4. yes i agree with you , the problem is that i don't no where part of the world I'm turned 🙂 I installed Node Js and I used the command in to the Terminal ... npm install f1-telemetry-client It seems works because it creates 4 folders in to my main directory. After that i tried to used the command 'npm run start' but the result is like a picture. Please i feel that i'm so close to the solutions but i need another your support! after that i will consider you my best friend than Google 😇
  5. First of all let me say very thanks for your time you dedicated to me. What have to do whit npmjs or pypi program? i see just some code but i don't know how can use it. Please could you tell me 🙏? I'd like to explain you what is into my mind and i will if i will reach some good result. Thank you man!
  6. Good morning guys, I'd want to ask sorry in advanced for my ignorance, i'm not a programmer. I'm looking for find the method to receive the datas and read it from the game because i'd like to prepare a system to organize some 'intelligent' automatic live streaming. Specially i'm interested about the live time in to the multiplayer race. Now i don't know where i have to start. I just found a program that capture the UDP date but i don't know how i can decoding it. I use Mac pc. In attached the file about the datas i receive. I will be very grateful to each good soul that will decide
  7. There is some one that was able to make an Excel file to receive the ump datas from F1 2020? Thanks
  8. Nello to everyone, I'd like to know if exists an excel file able to receive the UDP datas directly on the sheet. Thank you so much
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