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  1. I share a situation that is confusing me and I can't find a logical explanation. Using the PXG Telemetry to compare two different stints... In the race, with a certain setup (REAR CAMBER -2) and after 10 laps, I score an estimated life (40%) in 9.2 laps. And also in carerra, with that same setup (varying only the REAR CAMBER to -1) and also after 10 laps, I mark an estimated life (40%) in 9.7 laps. With this data I could draw the conclusion that with the rear camber in -1 the tires wear less than with the rear cambre in -2. But... In practice, with the
  2. Hi everyone, does anyone know if the "total stint time" data can be found among the stint analysis options? I find the time per lap, but I can't see the sum of them, that is, the total time ...
  3. Thanks @marioho now I have two questions. 1 do you know what is the cost of using this app? 2 works for f12021?
  4. Hello everyone, do you know if there is any place where you can download laps from different users to be able to compare them and know how each of us can improve?
  5. Excellent! At the beginning I was using the previous version of the application and I had changed the telemetry format to 2020. I already corrected it and it works perfect! Thank you very much for the quick response!
  6. Hello, first of all I want to thank you for this magnificent tool and for the time you dedicate to this. I am writing to ask if anyone has the same problem as me using it. In the tab "tracking" I give the button "Start" and how it should be the status changes to "waiting for a session" Then I start a TT session and the status changes to "tracking in progress" from what I understand there are no problems with the port and others But the problem is that it does not recognize the circuit and the session that I am running, but it appears constantly changing between "Melbourne unknow
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