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  1. Hi Barry, i just got the new patch on my thrustmaster tmx...i was watching forward, really...but after 1 hour and 20 min my ffb was gone again...i tried it a second time and stopped the time again...after 1 hour it was gone...is this the new patch you guys needed to create like 4 months and it worked for you?????????????
  2. short update after imola patch - game is still not playable, for wheelusers its more worse...apart from the connection errors, it is not playable online...gear switching operations are delayed and so is the steering....embarresing lads
  3. nah mate, nothing has changed...cant believe it
  4. Im on xbox one and it doesnt matter which mode im playing - these sound bugs dont go away at all
  5. 1. Platform - Xbox One 2. Thrustmaster TMX / Thrustmaster TX 3. Game - modes played - every game mode -> FFB is away every 45 minutes 4. Detail when the fade happen - every 45 minutes 5. Firmware: 15 / Driver: 6. I already updated my wheel three times and FFB is gone every 45 minutes
  6. thank you, i would also appreciate it if it would work with the day one patch
  7. yes thats it...after 45 minutes its away...a friend of mine has the thrustmaster tx with same problem, he has the latest version aswell
  8. Im on xbox one and i updated my wheel, but it was before on latest firmware...i have the trustmaster tmx...so i can confirm, that it is not helping with force feedback at all...every 45 minutes its gone and only with reconnecting its working for next 45 minutes...and im pretty sure its a game issue...tried acc and other racing games for hours and i had never an issue!!!!!!
  9. Force feedback is fine at first but while playing the force feedback is disabled Report Code : none Platform : x box one Game-mode : all I am offline i am offline Any screenshots or video of the issue? Remember to add as unlisted if video via a third party : no How do you make the problem happen? While playing the force feedback is disabled and everything works fine. I didn’t do anything in particular.
  10. Hello everyone, my Force Feedback is away like every 30 min when im racing F1 2021. I have the Trustmaster TMX. Friends with Logitech and other Thustmaster wheels have same issues... we all have the newest version on our wheel...anything we can do about it? Cheers
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