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  1. After 1.05 instead of getting kicked from Lobbies i cant join them at all anymore now. Error Code WS10052. Sometimes Error Code NS7 Update: 3.8.21 It now seems to work.
  2. I made sure all my Ports are open (couldnt open Port 53 as its reserved), my NAT is on Open and UPNP is turned on aswell. I can still connect to pretty much every lobby (apart from 1 where i gotten the WS10047 Error Code), but keep on either getting kicked from the lobby, or getting seperated and beeing in a lobby by my own. It doesnt matter if i host or not (if i host i get seperated from the rest of the lobby and drive my own race while the other race continues with me beeing disconnected). I tried everything from restarting my router, reinstalling game, restarting xbox multiple times, remov
  3. I got the same Issue, Living in Switzerland btw, Platform: Xbox Series X I can join online Sessions but after about 20-30 seconds maximum a minute it shows me everybody disconnecting and im alone in the lobby, or it just kicks me. Happens in all online lobbies (Ranked, Social, Coop Career) My NAT Type is open and i dont have problems in other games also not in any earlier F1 game, usually im even hosting our league races because i got the best connection. Restarted my Router, reinstalled the game, cleared cache, nothing helped
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