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  1. Starting to think they have incorrectly advertised a pre order deal that was not available to GAME
  2. None of the receipts had a dlc code, have contacted store they have no idea what's going on. Have emailed codies also, but bummed out
  3. Yea I thought the full damage sim was exclusive to PC, Series X and PS5
  4. I'm currently in a chat with GAME customer support, they mentioned that the additional content code should have been emailed to the email address linked to my game.co.uk account. As of yet haven't received any such email
  5. Pre ordered for PS5, none of my pre order receipts had any codes on them, and then the new receipts I received when picking up the pre order also lacked any content codes. I have messaged game customer service and the store both of whom have not been of any help 😂. I recall something similar happening to me with Spiderman Miles Morelas on PS5, there was additional content advertised by GAME but I never received any content code. Strange
  6. Sorry about that should have been more specific.
  7. Was advertised all over GAME.CO.UK and in-store, for standard edition pre order.
  8. Update: Codemasters supplied GAME UK with incorrect sku codes for the pre order bonus, anyone affected can contact game and give their receipt or loyalty card details, the store will then be able to issue the pre order code. I received this message.... "Hi David, sorry about the delay the company gave us the wrong numbers to input for the pre-order bonus, all I need is your loyalty card number and I can print off the pre-order bonus, this can be found on the receipt, reward app or if you have the card that would be great, many thanks for your patience." H
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