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  1. Just bumping this, maybe someone with codies could even say whether this is possible since it affects both next gen consoles now.
  2. Look on the bright side, atleast PS4 users can do it. Xbox one users can’t do it without the ancient Kinect.
  3. Since the voice commands don't work at all for Next Gen consoles and only work for PC and PS4. And it's near impossible to toggle through the voice commands while actually driving with a wheel, it'd be awesome if we could pause and then access the voice command menu, toggle through the pages and select the one we want. And then as soon as we unpause, Jeff responds in the correct way.
  4. Switching from PS4/PC to Xbox Series S, I'm extremely bummed to see that in 2021 voice commands don't work on Xbox. Yeah yeah I know Xbox 360/One had something to do with Kinect. Well Kinect really doesn't exist anymore. Not sure why it doesn't work now.
  5. It took me forever to figure out but you change that once you load into the workstation for the race weekend. It has to be changed before you start P1. It'll be on right hand side of screen opposite track map I believe. You then select short, medium, long, full (I think are the options).
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