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  1. Oh that’s awful. It’s like the same issue but way more extreme. Mine can completely stop working for a short time like yours, and cause me to crash, but only after a lot of steering for a long time (You can see this in my original post). The steering wheel being unresponsive happened to me once when I hit a wall but doesn’t seem to be a consistent glitch for me. I’m frustrated and find the game unplayable at the moment. So, I can’t imagine how you feel.
  2. What is your problem specifically? Because this isn’t the only issue I’m having. Not trying to play the “no mine is worse game” I’m just curious to see if we have the same issues.
  3. Yeah I drive in cockpit view and the wheel lag is visually and physically noticeable 24/7 and just gets worse as the race goes along.
  4. If you are still having this issue, I made a separate post. I would greatly appreciate the support on that one too.
  5. A detailed description of the issue. I have the Thrustmaster TMX with fully updated firmware and drivers, but I have had an issue since the Deluxe edition released. My inputs from my wheel to the game will cut out or lag behind and cause a rubber banding of my inputs. These issues worsen the quicker the inputs are and the more inputs I do at a time. They also get worse as the race or practice goes on, by being barely noticeable at the beginning to costing me half a second a lap by the end. The inputs that seem to be most affected are the steering, shifting, and the overtake button. For
  6. I have had this issue consistently since launch. It seems to get worse the more inputs I try to do at a time. It affects mainly the overtake button, paddle shifters, and, most noticeably, the steering. I use the Thrustmaster TMX. The steering lag can be seen visually in cockpit view and large steering movements will cause the steering animation to rubberband and I can feel it in the ffb. I have updated the firmware and drivers, but nothing has changed.
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