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  1. Refreshed the game and it worked. Checking game integrity worked for me
  2. After racing 2 races in Braking point. The colours get distored and 1 by 1 they are gone. Wich result is undriveable gameplay. I Get the error code : GSDC-BTVD-VRJE-GVMG What can i do to fix this? 70 euro for a unplayable game is very frustrating after such a long wait. All my other F1 Games work fine. So i think it is this release related.
  3. Finaly the day is here that i can play the new game. Start the mode braking point. First 2 race perfect and fun. Third race the colours are strange and my the colours keep getting worse. Seems like the colours stop working. At the end the game had a black track and not driveable. Get the error code: GSDC-BTVD-VRJE-GVMG. What must i do to get it working? Seems a little slobby this game. In all other versions is own no problems. Only this one. HELP!
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