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  1. To my posting about TRL Limitless. I´m not a hater of his channel, but a lot of guys are using his setups. No he is one of the best you tubers I think. They are a lot of others that think they were professional drivers. They are guys with a lot of to many pounds (fitness) with a fanatec wheel in a gaming chair. They play around the clock and talking about the other drivers in the game like he drove like the real driver. Some of this guys drove in the harder ties of covid 19 in the E F1 races with real drivers and now they mean they are kings. We have a few examples of those you tubers in
  2. @scared duck I cannot drive with any TRL Limitless settings, because of his anti roll bar and suspension settings. I don´t know how different it is to play with a 10000 or more dollar rig with changing the steering wheels like shoes for every game, but the setups are really not working for me on the dual sense. I´m testing my own setups. It has a lot to do with the driving style. I hate most of the you tube stuff. They think all they were professional drivers and talking like they were real F1 drivers. They do nothing more that playing a F1 game the whole dayz when other guys are at work. They
  3. very good track. Take a look yesterday on bottas onboard pole lap form the official grand prix and it looks very good. All the bumps and kerbs are in. I would hope that we become an actual update for monza, spa and austria that looks authentic like this track. The first pictures of Imola in the trailer are great. Looks that imola will be one of the most detailed tracks on F1 2021 game. I really enjoy the last update. contra - dots on tires and halo (shadow artifacts) are always there - screen tearing in replays and cutscenes not solved with 1.10 It is strange, I can s
  4. @ Scared Duck Hot Seat Mode 🙂 Cars that you can only identify on the colours. Best of the best at this time. Geoff crammond was a genius.
  5. Maybe stick drift. I have one controller with stick drift now. You feel it is a lot more choppy to play. You can see stuttering of the image too if you cornering. If you have a pc you can fix the stick drift by calibrating your controller new. I´ve played austria and zandvoort for a few minutes in time trial and it feels very smooth. A lot of user says that the response is different online, but I´m not playing online only singleplayer. Edit: Ok, I´ve watched now your first video and I have the problem on many games on steam with the ds4 controller and xbox controller. It looks that y
  6. @tjhiokdriver13 TJH are you using a high quality HDMI cable. I mean a premium cable? The native resolution of the game is 4k. You should look if you game on yuv422 or yuv420 or with a modern tv or display in full rgb. The full rgb can cause a big input delay in some games. You can test -1 or minus 2. Another method what you can test is turn your tv to the pc mode. For me in germany we have not the best internet with bluetooth. I´m using only usb c cable connection with the ps5. I´m not playing online, but with bluetooth I have the problem from time to time that the controller response is
  7. To defend codies with the Zandvoort track a bit. The track must be changed a bit in the last 3 month. I saw pictures of the track from the first chapter of the year and it was more like in codies game. The curbs colours are changed last month, before it was only white and red. If you look rosbergs last video of how to drive zandvoort he is using a laser scanned version for asetto corsa. It uses the same kerbs colours and nearly the same kerb layout. I hope portimao looks more like this year.
  8. Here are some differences of the track. Final track layout and F1 2021 looks more like in the new codemasters video. I hope we see in the 2022 game the changes on the track and I hope for spa. This are my most liked tracks in the real F1.
  9. Scared Duck is right if you play on 120 Hz mode you feel a better difference with the setting right here. Not only in F1 2021 game. saved game/app setting... then game presets. I don´t know if it makes a difference from tv manufacturer or model. I´m using a nanocell tv LG 91 55 inch with 120 hz. I mostly playing all the games in 60 hz. It feels good on the tv. I hate popin graphics and more dynamic resolution switch backs. The graphics are definitely looking crisper since 1.08 and the steering is more responsive for me with the controller. I have a big tv update last week and it changes a lot
  10. I´m taking for 1,8 laps more fuel on my third run on sochi and than I´ve manged a tenth place, with a lot off lift and coast and no use of drs and only a little of ers, to manage the tenth place. I was driver of the day at the end, because off managing the car.
  11. Herman Tilke designed some of my favourite tracks and some of my most hated. It is like with the game love and hate. Sometimes I love it, and sometimes I hate it. I hope in the future I will love it more 🙂 Has he designed all the grandstands on the tracks too? Has he? THan he had designed the most innovative looking grandstands. Sepang, China, Bahrain and Pitlane straights with innovative looking pitlane buildings and grandstands.
  12. screentearing during replays and cutscenes, lod bias of foliage and cars, fuel consumption bug. I have no problems with the curbs, but with a few bumps in the track. Edit: on PS5
  13. I have the same issue. What a shame. Mid race no fuel. No repaired mgua. Started from last place, because of changing the mgua before the race. The mgua was not changed, but the penalty was there. This game is beta in all ways and not done. I don´t know why so many streamers can play the game without those bugs. Off topic I hate all those streamer stuff. Those guys have so much advantages in many ways. Did anyone become a betakey for the ps5 beta 2.0. Did you? I do my regestration for the beta after it was posted. I have no key. All those dudes on you tube have all the Beta 2.0 to pre
  14. I mean more his last tracks. Hockenheimring is a good one. I like both the new and the old layout. I´m not playing the game at the moment so much. Downgrade for me since 1.06 in thermes of graphic on ps5 and the sound is like mono sometimes. Needs a big overhall. Look in 2019 and for me 2020 and 2019 are crisper with checkerboard rendering. Cutscenes and Replays looking so much better, because of minor or no tearing in the previous games. It would be nice to see the tracks before the jeddah grand prix, they should sell the game for less money. This is not a full price for a current gen c
  15. Looks like valencia in bad. Bad track layout I think. Is this a Thielke track? It is always the same.
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