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  1. Able to choose team mates difficulty separately from other teams difficulty
  2. That would be helpful, motogp 2020 had this (haven't tried 2021 yet) and it made learning how to do setups a lot easier seeing what gets changed and what doesn't when you tell your engineer what issues you are having
  3. Thanks for sending me your setup, I will give this a try for sure, anything to make the last Corner a little easier
  4. It was on my team, I have the car nearly maxed out, just a few upgrades left on aero. I was also trying it on time trial as well with equal performance and was having similar issues. I will give adjustments to the suspension and anti roll bars
  5. I feel like this year the Dutch GP is a real Pita on a control with turn 7 being a lot harder this year, however the last Corner I am struggling with big time, I am using the following set up but lower tyre pressures and I am spinning out constantly around the last Corner, the surface temps on rear left reach 130 mid way through the corner and then I feel like a spinning top - https://racinggames.gg/f1/f1-2021-dutch-setup-zandvoort-setup-career-mode-my-team-f12021setups-pc-xbox-ps5/ I never had this issue on F1 2020 and now Zandervoort has gone from my favourite track to probably my seco
  6. I think there should be a realistic option, for example there are turns like t9 and 10 at Austria where you can have your tyres on the kerbs but can't extend. Whereas the strict mode you can't even go on the kerbs with your left wheels, there is probably others too but I can't think of them off the top of my head
  7. Yeah I noticed this too, I started the second season off 5th best team, I'm now the best team before Canada
  8. Wait until Zandervoort, the long right hander at the end of sector one, they are 15 mph faster than me, might be due to my set ups but they have so much more grip
  9. Is anyone else having issues with F1 2021 crashing their pc. For me atm after rewinding it starts stuttering then my pc ends up restarting. My pc temps are below what they are for other games like modern warfare and cold War as well as f1 2020. I have had to lower graphics to the lowest for 2021 whereas the games above I can play on medium to high, I have an Amd pc so the help that was posted above for Nvidia doesn't work. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks 🙂
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