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  1. Yeah, this is definitely a problem. Over the course of my 3rd season I had to drop the difficulty by 20 points. 4th season I don't even want to try. Gonna wait for all the new tracks and then just start over. I feel like this issue won't be fixed at all, just like the tyre temps issue.
  2. ABS is most certainly OP in this game, but for a filthy casual like me it's a blessing, because I find it FAR too easy to lock up this year. Last year I played with no assists and yeah, sure I locked up my front wheels, but not much, maybe in like 5 corners on the whole calendar. And locking up wasn't such a big deal pace-wise. IRL when F1 drivers lock up they just go in a straight line, unable to stop or turn in. But in the last year's game I could still turn while locked up just fine. The biggest downside was the tyre deg. At least that's my take on it. But this year everything is total
  3. I don't want to be rude, but how much are we talking here? Weeks? Months? Next year's game? Please give us at least a ballpark figure so that we know if we should even be waiting for it or maybe it's better to just give up hope and move on. This uncertainty is bloody excruciating! 😫
  4. I think I'll just wait until they add all the tracks, introduce the new physics and maybe fix the AI, and THEN, then I'll start over. Gonna play some other games in the meantime.
  5. @Nuvolarix WOW O_O I'm speechless, mate. Top job, I applaud your devotion and determination. You rock! 🤘 I agree, Hungary T11, Mexico esses section and Australia high-speed chicane - all definitely are problematic as well. And I had no idea that AI brake so late in USA, that's mental 🤪 Barry has to take a look at this, this is some brilliant work right here. Codemasters should pay you for this 😁
  6. If this is correct, then F1 2021 production was a lot longer. I certainly wouldn't be able to tell that looking at the result though. More like the exact opposite. I guess Team B is just better then, huh? Go Team B! 🤘
  7. PS Yes, it is a JoJo reference.
  8. Yeah, it appears I jumped the shark there, haha 😅 Here are the proper patch notes: TL;DR Nothing on the topic at hand, waiting for the 1.10 news.
  9. I had a wet race in Zandvoort with 9 AI DNFs. You've got the US with 10 DNFs on that very same screenshot XD My thoughts on the game after comparing it to F1 2020 back to back: it's very, very undercooked. AI is more aggressive and racey, but far too inconsistent across the board. In F1 2020 AI was passive, but a lot more tightly balanced in terms of their pace. The physics feel kinda nice, but they're very punishing and unforgiving. A smallest mistake can cost you a complete loss of control in a split second. F1 2020 feels like this game does with medium TC and ABS on, plus smoother stee
  10. I feel like their aggression varies quite drastically on different circuits. On some tracks they're borderline suicidal, but on others they just ride a single file train lap in, lap out.
  11. I'm happy for you, really. But in my book the game is worse than 2020 in every single aspect except maybe physics, and even that is debatable. The overall amount of frustration I experience while playing vastly outweighs any enjoyment I manage to find. So yeah, to the bin with it. I've got dozens more games I can play on my ps5, no reason to put up with all of this. Except for the money spent on it, of course. Next year I'm gonna wait several months before buying to see how everything shapes up.
  12. This is the thing that ****** me off the most, to be honest. I paid full 60 euros, got a broken game, and now I have to do their job for them, test the game, identify the issues, register on the forums and fill out BS report forms in order for the devs to be aware that those issues even exist because they can't be bothered to do any testing themselves? Get in the bin!
  13. I know exactly what you're talking about, mate. AI is just so incredibly inconsistent and unbalanced that I'm struggling to find any real reference point for my own performance level. I'm gonna try some more things tomorrow, but I'm afraid I'm just about done with this game. F1 2020 had some wrinkles in this aspect as well, but not to this extent, not even close. I struggled a little at a couple of tracks, but generally I could run 95 AI throughout and be more or less consistent. Not the case anymore. Now the difficulty swings back and forth by a dozen points or even more. Not to mention
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