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  1. I tried everything to change it, none work, but this is the only game that has problems. The rest work as intended.
  2. Report code: VMHG-SAEH-RCAP-GMJG Console: Xbox series x NAT type :strict (I don't know how to change it) Region: Hungary Time: 23 CET july 19
  3. Same issue, I cannot play online because It does not let me join any games, but now I can't play single player either with a custom character. Great work Codemasters do you hire college drop out developers?
  4. I am on series x as well, Coop does not work either, it literally does not allow us to be in one lobby, because as soon as I left he could join the lobby. I paid 60 euros for this game, and if this stands I am considering getting my money Back. Codemasters, that 60 euros are not only for the game but the functioning services as well. As for your complaint it is completely justfied, it is a Basic feature. I don't know if our issue is regional, or not, where are you located?
  5. You too? Last time I played almost everyone 'left' the server and it got stuck on an eternal loading screen (waiting for the other 3 that remained). I literary can't play multiplayer it's infuriating and other games (includeing former f1 games) work. I think it has to do with the "checking privilages" pop up that should happen when the game communicates with online services, but it does not, last time it let me into a game it popped up (on the top left corner). I think that's the issue.
  6. It is because the invite appears as an in-game mail. You need a controller to reach it though (left Stick) cuddos to the "developer" who designed that.
  7. I bought f1 2021 yesterday and started playing it in the morning, around 2 - 3 pm I stopped playing. Az 8 pm I wanted to play with my friend and we soon realized that nothing related to multiplayer works. Social play does not let us join lobbies, it only gives us an error message, coop gives us an error message saying: sign into xbox live (altough we are in a party and every other game works), ranked throws us into empty lobbies. We are located in Hungary, I asked around and others from different countries do not experience this problem. What can be down to solve this problem?
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