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  1. @HuntingHornetis your FFB completely loss after some minutes? As in my case, my FFB/steering wheel gets, after a while (also about 30 mins), off centered, means that at some points the steering wheel steers either to right or left, without any reasons, causing of course a crash and loosing its origin center (somewhere between 13 to 30 degrees off). I described it already in another thread. I need then to re-plug the wheel, let it auto-calibrate and start again. But this happens randomly, however, on some tracks it happens on the exact same spot, even when there is no/almost no FFB applied (on
  2. Similar issue on my side, and since it is very annoying and happening on some tracks at the same bumper/curb/curve, I decided to write a bug report as well: Platform: PS5 Wheel Used: Thrustmaster T300 base with the 599XX Evo wheel (1 week old, version v33) Game-modes played, in order: played the carrier mode, to be more precise, I did the mexico GP, did all 3 practices without any issue, did now the qualifying (only two laps) and in both laps at the exact same spot (curve 6 on the mexican GP course) I got a drift off (steering wheel is off center, about 13 degrees to rig
  3. Tried once again, booted PS5 in safe mode, cleared cache, restored/rebuilt database. Re-did china race, aaand game crashed! Luckily, the progress was saved, so a after I restarted the game, I jumped right into a cinematic post-race dialog. So I am able to follow up with breaking point again.
  4. Same as for Chiron. Right after the China GP, games crashes. Disappointing, when you achieved a good result (and you redo the stuff and it keeps crashing) - rebooted whole PS, nothing changes.
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