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  1. I still receive error codes and joining lobbies for ages but I can play online. I do get kicked from lobbies every now again but I'm very happy to play the game properly GGs @Hoo @BarryBL
  2. I have supplied videos of the glitch I'm receiving when I get past error codes These are a few days old so o don't have error codes Project 22_07_2021 (2).mp4 791266348_Project22_07_2021(1).mp4 769006598_Project22_07_2021.mp4
  3. I'm am now receiving error codes again so I don't think it was to do with lan and or WiFi extender/spliter/tp links
  4. I have gone back to wireless connection and I haven't had the error codes but I am still having the host migrating glitch in every social play lobby I'm not on port 3074 Not using dns becuse I don't know how it works Report code GPBP-PRGA-GSEC-GSJG
  5. I'm am irish on series x and have experienced both of these issues. I have had all the error codes detailed above Open nat type Virgin media and virgin wifi box 3.0 Wifi boster Good and stable WiFi Had error codes for social play In all online modes I have experience migrating host
  6. Don't really know what most if this means but I'll try give as much info as possible Ireland Virgin media Virgin media wifi box 3.0 Wifi boster (xbox is about 20-30 meters from modem) Open nat type Also like to add you said "issue" but there has been to complained about Migrating host for person experiencing the glitch after joining and the race or quali starting have the whole lobbies ghosted and turned to ai but for the rest of lobby the person is turned to ai and after the race finished the person ends up in a lobbies alone Joing session
  7. Since posting on Saturday with this report code CXHJ-CAXD-ADTJ-GTJG I have had the host migrating glitch after the race start Turing everyone to ai except me but for everyone else im ai Also had the joining session glitch where I canny join any lobbies what so ever I also encountered glitch were the host would constantly disconnect from co op career Clarity on a patch would be great if it could be given 👍
  8. I have had this issue at hand •ireland °xbox series x °nat type open ° report code: CXHJ-CAXD-ADTJ-GTJG °upnp isn't enabled(no clue what it is) but from people I seen having it on hasn't helped •I have good connection In wifi tests and green bar in game Clarity would be greatly appreciated because 70 quid for a game with a online like this is a shambles
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