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  1. Location: Germany / Dortmund Provider: Unitymedia Router: Unitymedia Connect Box Connection: Wireless Nat-Typ: Open I Never experienced any Problems like this in previous F1 Games. F1 2021 is also the only Game where i have Problems with this I added a Video with showes the issue and a Photo of my connection IMG_0848.MOV
  2. •Germany / Dortmund •Unitymedia •Connectet Form my Modem (No LAN Cabel) •Unitymedia Connect Box • •Open
  3. IMG_0848.MOV Hello Guys, me and a lot of other Players are having an issue by Playing online on Xbox. We can not stay in Lobbys. After 30 - 60 sec everybody left the Lobby and we get kicked out. I Play F1 online since F1 18 and had never a Problem like this before. Im doing a lot of League Racing and in over 100 races, i just had 8 disconects due to normal Problems. At First, i thought its a Problem with my Internet, but After Checking the Internet and other important things i found out That everything Looks Fine. I also Never had Problems with my Internet by Play
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