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  1. So this is only a minor bug but thought I'd add it anyway, the sponsors don't always show up correctly in replays. Here I have included 3 pics; 1. Actual car with set sponsor locations. 2 & 3 showing replay captures of sponsors in wrong places or missing from original position. This is on PS4 My Team single player career. Replay of Portim√£o 25% race. As you can see, quite a few changes. Though I do like the double side nose sponsor look..
  2. My experience is only with PS4 so different systems and controllers but definitely worth tinkering with. PS4 v1 controllers used to be bloody awful for wear. The triggers especially. V2 fixed it nicely but it still wears fast. I use an Xbox One controller for PC and that has lasted years perfectly! So I can easily believe your controller is good still on 2 years. Fingers crossed this calibration helps. Also what TC if at all are you using? Because that will play a big part in it. Full traction is very hard to corner, if you us e this try mid, it'll still give good traction. Light is much less,
  3. Season 3 MyTeam single player career. Patch 1.07. Had an issue where I couldn't afford to pay a 50k ask for helping my teammate which would have rewarded 7 racecraft. I had 5.5 million banked with no other expenditure. This was just after the Spanish GP (2nd race) as a department event pop up. My events occurance option is on the "increased" setting. And just had another simulation upgrade, 20k for 7 racecraft and again accept is in red, can click it.. No code on page PS4 Pro My Team single player Career [ONLINE] na [ONLINE] na [PC ONLY] na There were
  4. Do you have more than 1 controller to test, I'm curious in case it's the controller you use that may be the issue. The controllers wear quite fast on demanding games that require constant movements. My analogue sticks are packing in on one of mine and I've had to turn steering saturation up to 20 just so both sides reach 100%. With saturation at 0 my left steering only reaches 80% which means corners like at Monaco are impossible at a competitive speed. The good thing is here you can test it well. Go to your controller settings, calibration, and press the touchpad, it'll bring up the test
  5. I'd like to see messages stating all driver moves as well as retirements again. Moves aren't always immediately obvious when concentrating on your own racing but it's good to know. Like media keep us updated on all things. It was in 2020 but you cut it out not long after. Was it purposeful? Anyway it would be handy to know upcoming movements. Especially if it's like my career now where Lando moved to Haas.. And Alonso simply vanished half way through a season..
  6. Same, PS4 Pro 2p career mode, new unit parts just stayed pending through all practices and even quali, I was on orange for most, they changed for the race though thankfully! But that was bad, also the wear rate for quick practices are insane! I can do three times more full practices with all purples and still less wear. It's much too high.
  7. An epic way to get a multiple season grid in a new game. Love the flash forward idea ūüĎć
  8. What is the chance of Codemasters remastering the 2009 game to big consoles/PC? This was the Codemasters return to F1 and the first of a long line of consistent releases. The first F1 official game since 2006 (F1 Championship Edition being still the 2006 season). It would be an amazing release and celebration of Codemasters creation. A title that didn't get a huge chance to shine with it's limited release to Wii and PSP but with also an amazing unique season with Brawn GP coming from nowhere and taking the F1 world by storm. We also had Toyota which I'd still like to see in a classic car
  9. Thanks TomAAA. I hope this gets changed. It reminds me of a past F1 title, I think 2012? Where they had that carbon background and you couldn't see a thing. Really bad but somehow managed to make it to finalisation.
  10. Yeah that's why simply adding back to the free agent thing would be useful. With the useful acclaim stat you can already help to speed up an increase in performance in a driver which is great. All my F2 drivers when let go get instant new drives because their stats are now F1 worthy. So in respect that would be ideal. If when they retire they keep those increased stats and just stay free agents rather than icon status.
  11. I guess so.. Didn't notice. Every once in a while I'll get recommended an old post and just assume it's still relevant. The post was spot on about 2021 but I didn't get this in 2020 on PS4 so had no reason to think it was the wrong game. I'm like Google, sometimes I get it wrong.. Not far off.. But wrong..
  12. I'm on PS4 Pro in case this is different/irrelevant for anyone else. Background: screen too white/bright. Hard to see $, R&D points and Acclaim level at the top of the screen unless you sit right in front of the screen (not ideal for family rooms). Allow highlighted text or colour scheme options on menus. Nothing too similar like white on light grey. R&D, Performance (menu tabs): Currently using black for primary colour, bar shows as black against a very dark grey background bar making it very low visibility. Allow bar colour option or have all bars the same, no need t
  13. Same. Mexico is the worst for me as it's pretty much the whole race and big burry patches. Struggling to load logos and sponsor walls. But it's all a bit poor. I play on PS4 Pro too but seems to make no difference to regular PS4s. Replay graphics are horrifying. Comparing my 2020 vids they are massively better than 2021 graphics. Something big got missed out.
  14. Hi today I got an issue with secondary sponsors not paying out the bonus, it was at Canada I finished 2nd without penalty, final finishing position. The secondary sponsor was Slingshot Fuel and offered the bonus on achieving a podium finish which is 1st, 2nd or 3rd. But the sponsor was in red while another sponsor with the same goal (Zanzare, achieve at least one podium position within the team) was green and paid out the sum. Didn't get a code the screen passed to fast to get a screen shot. PS4 My Team Career (single player). Full season. I was doing a quick 5 lap race
  15. I'm on PS4 Pro, I noticed in F1 2021 that replays and flashbacks can be very blurry but I've actually just got this in normal track mode too, I'm in MyTeam career single player and in all practice sessions there are blur patches, some are the obvious loading sponsor signs like when you view cars in the showroom, they blur and get clearer with time, but there are random patches in the sky, crowd and track as I'm racing around, it's actually quite distracting. Anyone else have this? Know why? I don't know any other game that does this so extreme on console.
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