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  1. Besides, I find it difficult to switch from my (hopefully somewhat) English pronunciation back to my native pronunciation when I say any Italian name while speaking in English Good luck with your bounce back! Heh, I want to visit the Highlands ever since I've seen Skyfall so it has been quite a while... and The Grand Tour episode has only confirmed my desire😅
  2. Will do! Luckily there's a classic cars fair this weekend in my home city, and there will surely be some rally Lancias in there... stationary of course, but still beautiful! (example from last year) (yes, I took a picture of the Delta and not of the Lamborghini in the background)
  3. This kinda reminds that I live in Italy, less than two hours by car from San Marino, had ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do on that weekend and still somehow managed to remember that Rally Legend was going on when Breen's post popped up in my recommended, on Sunday evening. Well done @tbtsttfor the awesome photos and for remembering the date too! As far as parking maneuvers go, I think this is absolutely flawless.
  4. There's a guide on Steam that shows the exact locations of the stages in DiRT Rally (the original one) Since Greece is also a location in DR1 I checked there and it seems that the stage is in the Peloponnese region of Greece, while Acropolis 2021 takes place further north (closer to Athens)
  5. 😕 The account started teasing the addition of Portimao by inserting a letter in italics in every post description... I thought if that was you we could be onto something
  6. This is the first time I see a 28 minutes video titled "First impressions" and I have to say, incredible job! I will surely watch your full review before I finally choose what to do with WRC10 (haven't bought it yet, might pick with discount). On another note, @PJTierney is it you who runs the formula1game account on Instagram?
  7. Totally agree, as far as rallying goes. Electric cars are already very interesting and they'll satisfy the needs of more and more people as technology progresses. Electric-powered motorsports can actually be interesting and entertaining, and Formula E already is (despite its many flaws, mostly not related to being electric). BUT, rally isn't held on a circuit and doesn't involve phisically racing against other cars. The entertainment in rallying is all about the experience of a single car flying by, and therefore it has to be as captivating as possible in all sensorial areas. The s
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