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  1. Yes Codies, very well done.. I apologize for my criticims, lack of faith and anger in other posts. I was wrong, you guys are doing a hell of a job... thank you.
  2. Steam isn't updating. Is all this not ready to download yet?
  3. Holy ****.. that looks amazing.. in New York/New Jersey.. I could attend that one lol.
  4. Can they even give a hint. I'm quite frustrated that the buyers are looked so down on.. there wouldn't even be esports if not for us.
  5. Yes F1 laps is amazing. It stores your difficulty levels so when you find the one that works, it's there and you don't have to write it down.. plus you can compare your telemetry AND find good setups. Truly reignited my interest in the game
  6. Sparticus_19

    F1 Laps

    Does anyone use F1 Laps and if so is it down for any of you?
  7. Here is a good Dev Diary on how they are making the cars in Nascar '21.
  8. A pat on the back. But point takeaway for the sarcasm. Why was the game released with the AI like this? it's a step back. And no need for sarcasm... if you know the game has these problems then you don't get all sarcastic about it. Ridiculous.
  9. Why is this game so broken? Why is the AI so unbalanced at tracks it was good at last year. Ican even race at netherlands due to how horrible the AI is. At least the Nascar heat series had consistent AI difficulty. Did you guys have 30 people working on braking point while 1 worked on everything else? Before you get angry or something, me as the consumer, has EVERY RIGHT to be ******, and even more so when you won't even aknowledge it's being fixed. You literally gave us a 70% completed game.. reminds me of the WWE 2K20 debacle. Answers guys, answers.. you have ALOT of mad consumers.
  10. If you make enough ruckus and gripe enough codemasters will actually answer lol. They did in one of my other posts.
  11. It's obvious codemasters staff reads these, they were the first response... @RedDevilKTcan you explain why you guys are ignoring the major issues?
  12. I'm telling you.. we all need to blow up their twitter and FB until they aknowledge us
  13. Yea Peanut, they basically ignored our complaints about the majority of things... as usual. Getting ridiculous.
  14. Thanks again CODEMASTERS for focusing on your stupid braking point rebalancing instead of re balancing the AI for career. Why do you ask us to post our issues if you just ignore them?
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