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  1. I have these issues on One S when in lobby with multiple people. Not always but 90% of races. ~4 people in lobby and I don’t have anything. On Original Xbox One I’m still to get any issues with wheel no matter lobby size or game mode.
  2. A detailed description of the issue. - in multiplayer, Logitech g920 keeps having input delay and wheel keeps suddenly turning back and forth on its own even on straights. Sometimes pedals work normally and next braking zone game might decide instead of 100% braking it gives me ~10% and later jumps to ~80% etc. Wheel animation also gets laggy and it’s not smooth but jumps around which can be felt through FFB. These issues are not every race but it’s often enough to make online unplayable. Offline hasn’t happened once. Report Code - CMAX-RSCX-KBTG-GDEG Platform? Xbox One S
  3. You need to change your near clip plane (piano di….) that line is part of the car which appears because you moved your camera.
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