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  1. Heart beat rush due to the Xbox overheating and shutting down for the #%*! time could be fatal.
  2. I hear that also prior year’s releases have been flawed, by still, I meant that EA pushed a release on target date, regardless of which state the game was in. Regardless, it is as said above probably at its worst for games with annual instalments. Generally speaking, again considering I have been offline from games for two decades, are delayed games a thing of the past and instead replaced by prematurely released games in “workable” condition?
  3. Thanks for sharing. This has been my take too on the case with F1 2021, that it lies with EA, although as you say, it is an industry thing. I guess the gaming industry has changed during my 20 year hiatus from gaming. 😉 Although games were far less complex at the time, I come to think of the beta test pressure before initiating production of hundred of thousands cartridges to be shipped worldwide. No emergency escape route further down the road as today’s broadband connections have become to publishers.
  4. Well put on a relevant perspective. In this sense, console games have come more in line with other products, for which most of us read reviews and carefully scrutinise the manufacturer’s track record prior to purchase. To me, who’s gaming history spanned NES in the late 80s to original Xbox at the turn of the millennium and then took a 20 year break until this year’s purchase of the Series X, my mindset is that a game should be perfect to near perfect at release (the “near” due to my PC gaming experience when you could accept a minor patch that your 56.6k modem could download in <1 ho
  5. The game is reflecting the ongoing climate crisis with more frequent and more extreme precipitation.
  6. If someone would be surprised about F1 racing causing tyre wear, let us hope that person hasn’t elected to buy this game…
  7. 100%. I am not the one complaining and I am enjoying the game, but it does feel rushed to release and unfinished. Here’s hoping 1.05 sorts out the majority of the remaining quirks.
  8. That is important information so one can decide whether to bring an umbrella or not to the prize ceremony. Jeff is one step ahead.
  9. Just finished a GP at Gilles Villeneuve with changing weather conditions; wet - dry - wet - dry. Two observations: 1. Jeff was completely off, saying e.g. “rain is expected” when it already was raining and we were racing on Wets. 2. As the race draw to a close and the final wet session transformed to dry, all AI drivers headed for the pits to change from Intermediate to Intermediate! Consequently, they pitted again the following lap to Mediums. Which also is weird, as there were <10 laps remaining, so Softs were the obvious choice.
  10. @marioho @Ultra3142 Thanks for insisting very politely twice that it is indeed there. 🥲😂 Found it, did not have the time to adjust immediately but noticed it had a “scale” option, so looks hopeful. Thanks!
  11. Checked again but it is simply not there. 😫
  12. In the Xbox version as well? Looked around but could not find it. 🤨
  13. Same for me, Xbox X and LG E9. Thought the initial calibration was an IQ test. 😉
  14. Why on earth did they upsize the HUD windows Positions (top left) and Delta time (top right)? They are gigantic! And approaching a back-marker, causing a change to the top left window, feels like losing a quarter of screen estate. And it is not like this has made it easier/quicker to apprehend the information; change of fonts compared to F1 2020 has IMHO made it more difficult. / Xbox Series X
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