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  1. I don't drink beer. Horrid stuff.                
  2. I'm never going out clubbing again.  I'll most likely be out this time next week, but after that...
  4. When I got my wisdom teeth pulled I went down from 71 kg (11.1 stone) to 66 kg (10.3 stone). Since you can't eat anything decent for a good week it's not a bad way to loose weight. :tongue: 
  5. I've never had a nose bleed. Get on my level scrubs. 
  6. What are you moving onto Platy? I've made the terrible decision of cleaning out all of my old books. I'm a bit of a hoarder when it comes to books, so I had planned to get rid of 50 or so, instead I find myself struggling to get rid of 5.
  7. Give me all you've got.                             
  8. Yeah, I generally wake up pretty early when I've gone to bed wasted. I find that my feet get really, really hot, which wakes me up. I don't know why they do that, but sometimes it's best not to ask questions.
  9. Anyone got any nice plans for christmas?
  10. 1) @SynGamer Normally I don't like tattoos but that one is awesome man!  2) I thought it was a good idea to buy a wine fridge today. Not the smartest idea in theory, but now I have a wine fridge, which gives me an excuse to buy more wine.
  11. Still haven't seen it yet. Currently avoiding nearly every social media platform due to spoilers. 
  12. I'm going with the family. I don't think I've ever been this excited for a movie.
  13. IM AWAKE.                                                   
  14. You're such a Pakistan, Dave.                     
  15. There was a game I used to play religiously which had an awful swear filter (part of the reason I left was because it was introduced). You could type f*** and that'd be fine, however I was given an official warning for typing 'Pakistan'. 
  16. I just want everyone to know that i've spent the last 10 minutes in a life or death struggle with a spider who thought that it was okay to drop down onto my bed whilst I was attempting to sleep. My room smells like insect spray, but I think i've killed the bastard. I'm wounded, but i'll live. 
  17. A driverless support series for Formula E. Okay.
  18. i,m on one drug that makes me really drowsy as fuck and it feels grea,t I'm also not sure why im up att this time of day.
  19. I've just had my wisdom teeth out, drugs wearing off. Pain. Help 
  20. I'm willing to donate 0.05c.              
  21. It's pretty good, I just wish it had more 'depth'.  Heroes vs Villains is probably my favorite game mode at the moment, love playing as Boba Fett flying around maps that are stunning graphically. 
  22. Pick me up some Pods please. Preferably the Mars Bar kind.
  23. Sounds good.  Body is 27 characters too short. 
  24. More like tomorrow post breakfast, pre lunch but kinda not brunch yet time.
  25. Ahahaha, please do. And make sure to tick the wrong boxes, leave a few blank and most of all abuse the camera man.
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