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  1. I know, I actually really enjoyed my month there hence why I'm coming for slightly longer... The girl has nothing to do with it.............OK maybe slightly...... You mean you aren't coming back for me? You're the side b***h.
  2. Oh, hello. I didn't even know that we had a new community manager haha. :smile: 
  3. You'll soon be a honorary Australian Jordie. 
  4. 4 pages of spam. Not a bad effort How can my body be too short? I'm 6 foot 1.
  5. What a race to watch! A damn good ride by both Rossi and Lorenzo. 
  6. I would imagine at this point it's up to the Honda riders. I can't see Rossi making up 10+ seconds in 13 laps unless there's a few mistakes from the top 3.
  7. https://twitter.com/btsportmotogp/status/662926073319919616
  8. I don't really care who wins anymore. I'm just hoping for a good race.
  9. So, those motorbikes, yeah.               
  10. Slasher on GTA V is ridiculously fun.  My body is 2 characters short. 
  11. I sought of stopped playing a good 4 or so months ago, so I didn't even know that lowriders were in the game. My brother broke my PS4 remote, and I just really didn't get around to buying a new one until 2 or so weeks ago, 
  12. Change of plans, I have 8 GB of downloads to do. Tomorrow night?
  13. I'll hop on, but I get the feeling i'll have to download an update to the game, which might take awhile. 
  14. It's slightly raining here. Just slightly. 
  15. It's a date then. Body is 24 characters too short.
  16. About time. GTA V session @onetwothree @Lukedfrt s00n?
  17. http://i.imgur.com/U89sxZ9.png (inb4 its deleted) Honestly my favorite spam yet. Also, for some reason I don't have any buttons in my comment box (no options to change the font size, upload an image etc). This forum is so broken oh god.
  18. My 48 yr old mum was using Reddit before I was. I was quite surprised when she saw me on it and started to list subreddits she enjoys reading.
  19. But now you've gained +5 cool points Mike. See kids, peer pressure works.
  20. Honestly, I was on around 3ish (aus time) and I swear that out of the 10 or so members online, I was the only non-spambot.
  21. Was that ever brought up in conversation when you were dating haha. I'd imagine it'd be a bit of an awkward conversation. "So, you remember when you helped me take my clothes off...and you just walked away, yeah"
  22. Really Rossi, really?                            
  23. Oh god I saw that too. :') Luv you @MBKF1 <3
  24. You remember wrongly. It was Monteiro. @couger1981 No, it was the six-car race tyre malarky. Oh, they're pretty much the same people. Portugal...India... Close enough. 
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