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  1. Just now, MBKF1 said:

    Oh it's all coming back now. Remember Killer37? I always seemed to be getting into disagreements with him (looking back it was probably because I was an annoying 15 year old at the time) but I remember he (and Matt?) discovered that the whole Fiona / Ferr@ri / girlfriend thing was a hoax because they found the same image of the tattoo he claimed to have got!


    OMG hahahahaha. Yeah he was like "I got this tattoo in her memory" but we reversed google searched it and it was some random tattoo off the internet. 

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  2. Anybody playing Apex Legends? It's probably the most fun I've had in a BR game for a long time. It's kinda like a cross over between fortnite, overwatch, and CoD Blackout. Worthwhile checking out - especially because it's free! 

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  3. MBKF1 said:
    UP100 said:
    Another question to older members, what was the old Codemasters' forums like? I have only seen the one we have had since... 2014 if I remember correctly?
    The old old forums were bloody brilliant. I've been a member since September 2010, and at that time they used vBulletin. It was just a good old fashioned, classic forum. Everything worked, no bugs. I know a lot of people who remember those forums have fond memories of it.

    Then we moved to a new forum in 2012 (I think) which had a Kudos system. That wasn't brilliant, so we changed again in 2014 and we've been with this ever since. I quite like this forum tbh. I think the post reaction system is pretty nice. It's a good way of showing your appreciation for a post without actually having to post. Am interested to see what the new forum will look like.
    Only the OG's remember Ham1lton and Luekdfrt 

  4. Far Cry 5 has the potential to be such a good game, but my god it's so buggy. Like seriously, did they actually play the full game before they released it?  Also, both endings kinda sucked. Running around killing people with a shovel is great fun though.

  5. phil83 said:
    Phil! Where on earth have you been man?

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    Thought I'd check in on the world's favourite convict. Doesn't seem like Matthew is around though.

    Smith and Bancroft will be back but Warner is finished. He is an absolute ****.
    I'm around! It's just that the forums are pretty much dead these days so I only check in once or twice a month.

    There's rumours flying around down here that Smith had no idea about the sandpaper,  and now is just falling on ones sword. I don't know, it's just a major **** up which is gonna **** with our team for the next year. 2018-19 Summer of cricket is looking pretty scary right now. I've always preferred the Big Bash anyway...