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  1. Any of ya'll mother truckers on fortnite battle royale? I know @Lukedfrt and I are gonna play some duos when we're both online, but it'd be great to see if we can get a full squad going too. 

    Also, it's free on the PSN store so you don't really have an excuse ;). 

  2. Do you have snags and cake stalls at your elections? Scientifically proven to increase turnout by 50 percent. @Matthew77258 will vouch for that.
    More people focus on the Democracy Day Snags than the actual politics in Australia. You guys should try it...but with Scones and Tea. 

    Also, it's beyond me why you wouldn't have compulsory voting in a 21st century first world democracy. 

  3. The whole point of the United Kingdom's nuclear weapons program is that it's purely for deterrence. It's probably one of, if not, the most 'peaceful' nuclear weapons programs in the world, however if you straight up refuse to say you'll use it, it becomes pointless. That question was clearly for political points, because if she answered no she'd be labeled as weak, and from what I understand from UK politics people are sick of her not answering questions, so she couldn't really side step it. 

    The whole idea of peace in the 21st century is a fantastic idea, and one that we should all strive towards, but the reality is that's not going to happen for a long time. We have the nuclear program of North Korea becoming a ever bigger threat every day, the India-Pakistan border becoming more hostile, and the big '3' (Russia, China, U.S.A) using any chance they can get to show off their muscles. I hate to admit it, but I think from an international standpoint, her answer was the right answer.