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  1. Whatever happens, this is a win for right wing Populism and Nationalism, not so much Conservatism. The two party system in America has shown that it is broken and clearly needs a reformation. I don't really know what else to say though. Looks like the leader of the free world is now President Trump.

  2. fIsince08 said:
    I don't even see the point in us having nukes. We'll never use them on the offensive and if we're hit by one we'll all be killed anyway, so why do we need them?

    It's mostly a detterent I think to convince those that might want to use theirs against us in that we can retaliate in kind if neccessary
    This is right. The deterrent strategy is arguably the strategy that saved the world from nuclear destruction during the cold war.    

  3. http://www.theguardian.com/politics/2016/jul/12/theresa-mays-first-job-decide-on-uks-nuclear-response

    May has to write the letter in her own hand, giving detailed instructions about what the UK’s response should be in the event of a pre-emptive nuclear attack. The letter will, under the relevant circumstances, be opened by the commander of the Trident submarine, who would have to assume that the prime minister was no longer in a position to take live command of the situation. 

    The options are said to include the orders “Put yourself under the command of the US, if it is still there”; “Go to Australia”; “Retaliate”; or “Use your own judgment”.

    Aw, thanks guys. :')

  4. Well I just finished my first career mode season in F1 2015 (played as Kyvat, came 2nd). What a total anti-climax that was, all that it tells you at the end of the season is your teammate battle stats and where you came in the drivers/constructors championship. Hoping there's a huge work over of the career mode in 2016 because I currently have no motivation to do another season on that game.