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  1. Like you say, the game logic is working correctly, but it's due to the incorrect rules around tyre usage over the weekend. While the top 2 teams might bring some mediums to qualifying, there is no way that the rest of the grid would. That means they have 1 less set of tyres to use than they would in real life which is why you don't have cars getting 2 sets to use in Q2 or Q3.
  2. I left this because I was sure there would be a hotfix immediately to take care of the issues created by the last patch, but I'll add in the problems with the personnel and moral as it's been 2 weeks with no update.
  3. 2 Bugs fixed in 1.06. Nice Work CM!
  4. Somebody on reddit figured out that if your tyre wear goes into the red at any point on the lap you don't get that bonus. The work around is that the bonuses like this are not tied to lap time, so you can just redo it, cruise around and get boosts. Have you also noticed that you teammates boost don't apply?
  5. Thats a separate rule. As soon as you leave the pits in Q1 the car is in Parc Ferme, meaning if you change any parts between qualifying and the race you have to go to the back of the grid. If you'd made the change before the weekend or even after P3, it would only have been a 5 place penalty
  6. I think it would be advisable that Codemasters would fix some of the major issues and bugs with My team when the new tracks are released. My Team has obviously not received much attention with many bug STILL in the game from Launch 2020 and some new ones thrown in this year. A lot of people would probably like to restart their season when the new tracks launch and it would be great if everybody would get a bug free experience when they do. Here is a list of bugs I've found specifically in My Team that should be fixed Bugs since launch 2020 Changing PU components in a week
  7. If it's wet in FP1 you can't go out on softs, so you lose those tyres for the weekend. Also having Mediums in Q2 is stupid in season 1 of My team because yyou are never going to use them. If they are going to follow the rules, then they should be accurate. Either prompt me to hand back tyres after each session or change the tyre allocation screen to tyre distribution and let me decide where I want to use each set.
  8. Even being able to save 6-10 custom colours would be great
  9. Yeah, I can really be frustrating. Even if they had the previous Practice data show you where you were off line on the track map when you get back to the garage so you could focus on that section that would make sense. Some really strange decisons on removing features that existed in the game.
  10. I've noticed this happen with a few of the boosts, especially during aclimatisation. If you rerun the program you'll get the boosts and don't have to worry about the gates. Still a bug, but thats the work around to hit the goals
  11. Again, I think it's an oversight as all the info is referenced on track and used in the background to calculate personalised race strategy, so makes no sense to remove it. If they want to clarify that it's by design then fine, but I'm just checking if they are awiting feedback from me or the developers.
  12. It sounds like you understand the issue, you're just drawing the wrong conclusion. Engine components can be freely swapped DURING a weekend provided they are within the pool. it's common for teams to change the engine between FP2 and FP3 to manage wear on engines without risk and ensure they can use max power in Quali and the race. They can even change before Qualifying if there is an issue. This is always how it was done (and Still is) in Career mode as there is no mony involved. In My Team, there is no cost for taking a completely new set of components between races, but there is a cost
  13. A detailed description of the issue. - While I appreciate that the compound allocation is locked for the real F1 teams, how you use your tyres during a weekend is incorrect and extremely restrictive. by the F1 rules, the only requirement of reserved tryres is the Q3 SOFT. You must take a MEDIUM & HARD into the race, however you CAN use them at any point during the weekend. You CAN take forward any combination of compounds forward to Qualifying and ARE NOT required to have a Medium for Q2. Currently within the game you cannot take 4 softs into Qualifying which limits your runs and was
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