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  1. I dont have issues if i try to join there. Yersterday, i played a custom game with 15 players, and didn't have issues. The problem is with matchmaking when i search random game in qualifed mode (normal or short). When it ends to search, i enter in a lobby with few people or im alone. The problem i think is with the matchmaking system.
  2. I have the same issues and it doesn't seems to be fixed. Today, i entered in lobbies and the problem persists.
  3. Ok, i will try more times. My report code is: HGAJ-DGRE-SXSG-BASC
  4. I dont have 10 friends that play f1, but this morning i had the same issue. When i enter to qualifed mode short or normal, i join into an empty lobby or with 2-3 players. Impossible find games that have full lobby or near to full. When i entered in a league with 10+ players i didn't have the issue. I think that is a bug but it seems like it doesn't happen to everyone.
  5. A detailed description of the issue. Cant join lobbys or when i can, im alone or we are 2-3 players Report Code: Error code - 1828199961:S Platform? PS5 Game-mode? Qualifed mode (Normal or short) [ONLINE] The amount of players in your session? Few, Usually 3-4 [ONLINE] Were you the host? No What troubleshooting have you tried? I tried opened my ports, but the problems persist. My NAT is type 2 Any screenshots or video of the issue? The error code How do you make the problem happen? Select qualify mode, try join normal or short race, and will join
  6. I have the same issue but in ps5. I cant play in a full lobby never, when i matchmake i join in a empty lobby, only me, and sometimes someone but not more 3-4 players.
  7. When im trying to join in a online lobby qualified (short or normal, no difference), I enter in a lobby where im alone forever. Sometimes i can join in a lobby, but there are 3-4 people there, very weird if i get a lobby with more players. I dont know if it is a bug or its my problem. No report code PS5 Multiplayer, quialified mode. [ONLINE] Usually 3-4 [ONLINE] Usually yes What troubleshooting have you tried? I open my ports, but no effects Any screenshots or video of the issue? No How do you make the problem happen? I enter in multiplayer mode
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