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  1. Weird. I was playing F1 2019 with a wheel and no assists a lot last few weeks and the cars feel so much better to drive. Like 2021 they have no grip and understeer like crazy, then snap into oversteer... the kerbs are ridiculous aswel, and the FFB is kinda trash in this game aswel. The road/grip feel in the wheel is so bad. Dunno what’s going on, they need to patch this game.
  2. Same. Game feels so difficult to drive without assists. And it’s just not a fun feeling to not feel comfortable with the car and have to drive cautiously the entire time. It sucks. Try getting a good lap on monaco. Holy ****, my last f1 was 2019, this game just feels so uncomfortable to drive.
  3. Yh did exactly what you said. Dropped some overal ffb and upped the on track effects. Feels better yes. But what I think did the trick was the steering saturation on 8. I’m so much faster and more comfortable with the car already! FFB strength on 75 now and on track effects 55. Wheel damper is still 5. Feels better for sure. edit: next race was silverstone. And clipping was really bad here. Lowered ffb to 55 and on track 45. Was no other way to get rid of clipping on straights.
  4. Ok thanks, will try these out. But increasing on track effects anymore gives me clipping on the straights...
  5. Exactly the same. It’s so unrealistic and so hard to tell when you lose grip at those corners. While AI just flies trough them. Something def weird about the FBB in this game.
  6. I have the latest drivers installed, but the force feedback is just not that good in F1 2021 on my steering wheel atm. It's a lack of road/grip feel and it's especially bad at high speed corners where small steering adjustments are required. Does anyone have some good settings to improve the FFB in F1 2021 on the Thrustmaster TX Racing wheel? I'm playing on series X. These are my current settings: Vibration & FFB Strength: 80 On Track Effects: 30 Rumble Strip Effects: 45 Off Track Effects: 25 Wheel Damper: 5 Understeer Enhance: Off Tha
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