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  1. This issue has occurred from release date. Doesn't have to be a mechanical failure. If the host finishes the race before the 2nd player, the 2nd player will get a dnf. A number of players have posted the same issue but it doesn't seem to have been picked up by the developers.
  2. To add to this we were playing contracts mode and racing for different teams Host alpine 2nd player Williams
  3. A detailed description of the issue. I was playing two player career online. I was not the host. The host was in 20th place and I was 19th. The host was lapped by P1. When P1 crossed the finish line the host was on lap 13 of 14. I was on lap 14 of 14. As the host crossed the line it ended the game for him and for me. I should have been able to complete lap 14 as I had not been lapped by p1. It forced me to end and marked me as DNF. Report Code None given Platform? Host ps4, myself ps5 Game-mode? Two player career online [ONLINE] T
  4. I have the same issue, Playing on ps5. Playing in career mode, my team Race one- no issue Race two- Spain- first attempt I didn't touch the fuel level, by lap 10 I was on minus 5 laps of fuel. Second attempt - added 5 laps of fuel. I had burned through all of this by lap 13 Third attempt- added 17 laps of fuel, burned through all of it by the last lap (50% race). I started coasting on corners and even when coasting it was dropping in fuel.
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