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  1. Esto es una puñetera vergüenza de verdad, meses después de salir el juego y aún seguimos sin la más mínima esperanza de que arregleis esto.
  2. same feedback as my thrustmaster just a "we´re sorry guys, it´s hard to fix this but we are on it" would be great to make us feel less stupid after paying 80€ for the early access....
  3. please no more distractions, they still haven't been able to fix thrustmaster's force feedback issues in a month and a half. let them focus and you will probably have two new helmet designs and a new scream at the finish line.
  4. More than one month "with developers"... Thanks Codemasters.
  5. In my series s, when I do it I get like 1-2 extra laps with force feedback... and it goes away again..
  6. Good afternoon, I hope the developers are having a great summer vacation. Are there any news about this issue? It would be nice any feedback. Thanks,
  7. Any news? If you need more people to add their details of the issue i can manage to get a few, some friends are experiencing the same problem.
  8. They can't make the game work correctly in each platform separately...crossplay could be vietnam..but yes, it would be great
  9. Platform - Xbox One Series S Wheel Used - Thrustmaster TX Open Wheel Game-modes played - TT (not tested any other) Details on when the fade happened - 20-30 minutes playing Firmware and Drivers version. It happens every time I play, sometimes after 20 minutes and others after 30. I Was thinking it could be overheating so i´ve ever pointed an A/A directly to the wheel but while playing, nothing changes, ffb goes away, sometimes comes back a little, and it goes away again... Edit: Game-modes played: TT, multiplayer, grand Prix, career
  10. I'm on Xbox, tx updated to the last version yesterday trying to fix this. At first the ffb seem to work fine but as I play for 10-15 minutes it suddenly dissapear or stays with half strength.
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