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  1. They can't make the game work correctly in each platform separately...crossplay could be vietnam..but yes, it would be great

    1. Platform - Xbox One Series S
    2.  Wheel Used - Thrustmaster TX Open Wheel
    3.  Game-modes played - TT (not tested any other)
    4.  Details on when the fade happened - 20-30 minutes playing
    5.  Firmware and Drivers version.
    6. image.png.a1102ef09fdbe9e2addd34c81c6b2bc6.png

    It happens every time I play, sometimes after 20 minutes and others after 30. I Was thinking it could be overheating so i´ve ever pointed an A/A directly to the wheel but while playing, nothing changes, ffb goes away, sometimes comes back a little, and it goes away again... 



    Edit:  Game-modes played: TT, multiplayer, grand Prix, career.., the same problem in all of them.

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