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  1. i use 300 rotation with no saturation id set it at 300 or 360 then increase saturation by 5 till u find effect you want sorry cant give perfect number everyone is different for awhile my wheel was locked on 900 rotation and i had to use 85 saturation to counter
  2. damn it i caught the carlos sainz virus AGAIN after hard deleting everything this is getting really really old its such a stupid bug not sure why it bothers me so much maybe if it was a driver i liked i wouldnt care codemasters stop spreading your STD's
  3. ok but how do i make these setups work for me i understand the aero but suspension is confusing if i raise shock stiffness do i need to lower rollbar strengh to balance out etc if rear end continues to rotate for bit after i straighten my wheel how i get rid of this? and mostly how to manage tire wear almost all setups are based off TT runs and are usually horrible for long races i am not looking to copy others setups i am trying to understand how to find MY setup sorry for confusion
  4. which line i adjust when rear feels like it on ice?
  5. since new handling update my setups are suffering from major understeer im looking for video that tells me what each line does (adjust this for + - understeer etc) car setups hurt my brain please help thank you
  6. careful turn 8 portimao its a tricky bit lol @Elbi
  7. it appears to no longer be an issue can be alittle bit until you buy the first personnel upgrade that ups it its the middle option ( effects racecraft,awareness and focus)once you have 1 in there all appears to be good @Elbi also the carlos sainz virus also appears to be fixed yay (turned you into carlos sainz you could not change it)
  8. i would pay for extra DLC tracks and there are a few that codemasters already have completed (hanoi, germany,malasyia) and we all know EA love anything that makes them money hopefully someday this will be an option
  9. ai are overpowered codemasters has already announced they are reworking the stats and update will be soon (hopefully tomorrow) hopefully they can get it right this time
  10. auto to manual possibly the biggest time difference between assists i gained easy second a lap when i got my wheel and went manual
  11. F1 ESPORTS this year gonna be a ragefest with money on the line and the new standard codemaster quality to look forward to i mean can they even hold esports with the game in this condition???
  12. best league race EVER lol awesome work codemasters
  13. also the suit missing graphics huh will the suit have me driving around naked then?
  14. i have this problem also with the suit
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