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  1. Re-include the championships mode to have at least one current game save per F1 and F2 category. Or, failing that, add more save spaces in Grand Prix.
    It is that with a single save it is absolutely short. If you are doing an F1 season, you cannot make a single race if you do not already delete the previous game in progress. You also can't do an F2 season at the same time. There should be at least 3 save spaces as in career mode. So you could save at least one F1 season, one F2 season, and the last single GP slot that you want to play at some point.
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  2. 2 hours ago, Sadler said:

    Full Championship is in the game.


    Select Grand Prix mode, select either F1 or F2 and if you tab across on the next screen the full Championship option is there for both F1 and F2.

    It is already known that there is the possibility of playing a season of F1 2021. But here the problem that arises is another, and is to be able to play that season F1 2021, being able to combine it with any single GP or a season of F2 without having to overwrite said F1 2021 championship, because there is only one space to save game. As it was in F1 2020 exactly, hence the complaint that they have eliminated the mode called championships, where you had a save for each category of single-seaters, and if you wanted to play a single race any day you went to Grand Prix, but your championships continued stored there intact to continue when you want. Doing that now is impossible, so it is clearly a step back from F1 2020 in this section.
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  3. I also liked the game, but the decision to suppress championships has been a jug of cold water, because it greatly limits the possibilities you have in the game. It is that what they have done is so absurd that I cannot find justification, nor do I believe that I have it sincerely. It is as if in a soccer game you cannot play a friendly match because if you do not delete the season that you are still playing.
    We are in the year 2021 and we are going backwards instead of forward at the level of options with video games, what happens to developers to make such a disastrous decision. 
    Playing with another account is an option, but you do not add the experience points to your account as it should be, and having to walk with those strange maneuvers and not play from my account after having paid for a Deluxe version because it bothers me very a lot, we are not going to fool ourselves.
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  4. As it may be that they have eliminated the championships mode, leaving only the Grand Prix option that only has one saved, which makes it impossible to play a season of F1 and F2 at the same time, or even to be able to play a single GP without having to delete the championship you have in progress. Unfortunate and disastrous decision made by Codemasters, a clear step back from F1 2020.
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