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  1. @RedDevilKT I have the report code from my most recent attempt, i even took a capture and recording of it happening. I lowered the AI difficulty so i could complete it to show difficulty also doesn't matter, the Report Code is: ERVB-RJBC-MCES-GTEG and the capture, uploaded here, and a screen recording of this happening linking the code and showing the leader board are on my Xbox profile linked in my first post, if that doesn't work search by my gamertag as seen in the picture to see it. I cannot record the entire event as i do not have the software capable for that. The report code is right at the beginning of the video but fades quickly so you'll have to pause it to see it, sorry for that. If i need to add anything else please let me know

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  2. https://account.xbox.com/en-US/Profile?xr=shellnav I seem to have ran into an issue with the weekend event, i recently completed the event with a leader board position of 41st but wanted to improve. I the tried again but DNF'd out of the session. I then exited the event and opened it back up to try again, but upon doing that my leader board time was deleted. I then re-attempted it and upon completion received a score of zero. I tried again and every time i successfully complete it, either by finishing within 5 sec of Hamilton to promote me to 3rd, or by holding Leclerc of to finish 3rd on track, i still receive zero points. I am an Xbox played and it is posted and pinned a screenshot of the points board on my activity feed via the link. My report code is KDBR-JDEK-AXKS-GXEG if that helps, please keep me updated Codemasters. Also sorry for double post oops haha

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  3. https://account.xbox.com/en-US/Profile?xr=shellnav I seem to have ran into a bug upon completion of the weekend event. I posted a score good enough for 41st but wanted to improve. I then tried again but DNF'd the session and retried after closing and re entering the event. Ever since then I have received a score of 0 every successful attempt afterwards, whether it be being within the 5 sec time penalty Hamilton gets or staying in-front of Leclerc. I have completed this event 4 times after this incident and each time received a score of 0. My report code is KDBR-JDEK-AXKS-GXEG and im an Xbox player if that helps, I have linked the screenshot to my activity feed and pinned it. Please keep me updated Codemasters

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