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  1. Bump this is a widespread problem. Its really annoying because you have to back out by hitting ALT+F4. Thats exactly what the issue is one player loses connection or something and then the rest of us sit in limbo waiting for a player to load that never will. This is On PC I dont know if the issues is also present on the other systems.
  2. I Still have this issue as well. Everytime I try to join a social beginner race I just get stuck in the loading screen forever, I can see all the other players loading but there is always just 1 player that has the loading icon and it never changes to a checkmark. Everyone else including me has a checkmark, its almost as if the person lost connection to the session and it causes the rest of us to get stuck waiting for them It never gets to the point where a count begins and the player who isnt loaded in yet get booted. I use a wired connection and ive also tried turning off windows firewall b
  3. The handling is fine. I haven't had any issues with under steer, maybe in my team S1 but its S1 you have a horrible car it should be under steery
  4. Yeah I tried about 4 different wires this is a wired controller only it does not have wireless. I even went to the store bought a new Xbox Controller which came with a new wire I still experienced the same issue. Ive been tinkering around with settings and I think I found a way to make it work. After you loss control and rumble disconnect the controller and reconnect after its reconnected you will be able to use your gamepad again but without rumble, to get the rumble back I went to the options for FFB Calibration and set it to default, then I went to the generic options for Rumble and set tha
  5. sounds like hardware failure especially if it is happening on multiple titles
  6. I may have found a work around but it doesn't stop it it from happening in the first place. If you go into calibration settings for FFB and hit reset to default. Then do the generic settings for rumble and set them at default, note even if you never changed the settings reset them anyway I think this forces the game to reload the controller, at least thats my theory as to why it works, finally restart the session. Its janky but at least its a way to play until it is fixed. I have a feeling this is an issue related to all the FFB issues we see. The last patch they did fixed it for some and then
  7. When in a race usually on the first couple of laps The game will take control of the car and make me crash and my Gamepad becomes unresponsive. I can fix this by unplugging the pad and then reconnecting but when it starts to work again the rumble does not work so I have no way to tell when Im losing grip or getting close to limit during Turns Braking and Acceleration. I did not have this issue until the current patch released. Report Code DJTR-SRPS-BSAT-GGVG Platform? Steam Game-mode? All [ONLINE] It happens no matter how many players or AI [ONLINE] Sometimes I wa
  8. Nope this issue seems to be spread across all platforms. I hope things get fixed im too used to 21 now to go back to 20
  9. On PC myself Same issue here now too. Sometimes it will work and then the game will just take control of my car and spins in circles and my pad becomes unresponsive. I went and bought a brand new pad to see if it was the pad but the Issue still occurred even with a new pad.
  10. Whenever I try to join a multiplayer race Id say about 50% of the time I wind up stuck forever in the loading screen. I've let it sit up to 10 mins before and nothing. I am able to see messages of people joining and leaving the session and my screen says waiting for players. The only way out of this is for me to ALT+F4 and then the game will close out normal. The first 3 days it was fine but then when the 16th hit I started getting these issues im wondering if its just the servers being stressed or if it is on my end. Here is my info. ------------------ System Information -----
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