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  1. It’s been a year and this game still don’t work!!!!!!!!!
  2. At least I’m not Carlos sainz anymore… took them months to fix that so maybe can get a race in 6 months????
  3. Spent an hour trying to get into a ranked lobby….. it’s a joke
  4. Many updates later and game still not working……enough said
  5. Yep, me and about 2000 others get this. The game is really bad and needs updating ASAP!!!
  6. Too many issues to describe, it just don’t work. Been playing Xbox games for ever and can never remember any game having as many issues as this one. Sort it out codemasters, this is shocking!!!!
  7. ok so can take up to 30 mins for me to get into a game (Ranked or unranked) once in, it all goes wrong, cars glitching, Q for pole even though i got DQ, then see 1:32 lap times round Belgium from players not even on the grid. Then from some parts of the track, cars come head on from nowhere and glitch all over. Then after get kicked from lobby - try and join another just get "waiting for players" - start to see everyone leaving so this cant just be me. Then wait another 40 mins to get into another race (too much time on my hands) Tried to get refund from Xbox but because its been p
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