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  1. It’s happening the same with me this week. PSN ID: rollarulla @RedDevilKT, could you please have a look?
  2. @RedDevilKT, do you think it can be related to the fact that we failed the challenge on the first try, and then even if we pass on further tries we get no score? Because I think that was the case with a few of us that post here.
  3. Thanks @RedDevilKT! I appreciate how fast it was! I won’t be able to test today, but I definitely will try tomorrow! 🙂
  4. Hey @RedDevilKT! I’m dealing with the exact same issue in the weekly event in my PS4. Here is the report code on one of the sessions in which I passed the challenge but I had no score: Report code: CCMC-DMEG-KJMM-PEKG Could you guys please have a look? Thank you!
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