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  1. This game is definitely broken. (Except single player) Online doesn't work 7 of the 10 times. We try to start and join and get host migration. And if it works then stupid **** like in this video happens. Or ridiculous penalty's for IA drivers that drive in to you for no reason at all. I'm starting to think to buy F1 2020 if this continues. In this video räikkonen IA drives first full throttle in to mazespin. Then it hits me like a maniac and continues to hit people that are following the safety car. It's just ridiculous and it happens often that IA does dumb things like this
  2. Hello, I have the same issues as above. I,m trying to play co-op career with a friend and we're getting many different errors most of the time. At times it joins the lobby but then we get a host migration after approximately 5 minutes. We've tried it about 100 times now and we were able to play it without issues only 2 times. The things we have tried are the following Xbox series X. The Netherlands, Overijssel T-Mobile 1Gb/s Fiber connection Zyxel vmg8825-t50 Fiber optic to signal converter to zxyel wan port. Then from Zyxel LAN port to Xbox LAN port. WiFi s
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