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  1. Yeah its happened to me today again, its not even worth trying to do the events, usually takes like 5 hours just to get a leaderboard position
  2. Had a go at the event now im home from work and I got points so thanks for that 🙂 as for the finding out why it happened in the first place im not sure. I got to lap 55/56 and verstappen overtook me because I took out my front wing on russel getting past him (didnt want to flashback as I thought it might break the game again). When Ver got past me on lap 55/56 I went into the menu and restarted the session. Used 1 flashback in the same place and for the same reason that I did in my attempt yesterday, finished the event with 1st place and got my points. Its really confusing me but thanks for do
  3. @RedDevilKT i am using the game as it comes straight from steam no mods or anything. Both my flashbacks were from putting the throttle down early and spinning. Didn't restart the session and didn't get any penalties, maybe got 1 warning but not sure. I'm at work now but I'll try tonight and update. Really appreciate you helping me out though 🙂
  4. Tagging @RedDevilKT because he was involved on a previous "no points in multiplayer event thread" Basically Ive had the same problem. I went into multiplayer for the first time this week, started the event without changing any settings whatsoever. Completed it with 2 flashbacks (got first place) and at the end I was shown that I passed and got 0 points. shown below The root cause of this problem was never found but @RedDevilKT was able to use my error report code ( VDTB-BEXK-DAMB-BDVG for this session) to give me 1 shot at the event where I would score points which at
  5. Success! I started the event and got the last lap, realised I was 3 seconds off hamilton even with his pen so i restarted my session. I then messed up the first corner 3 times (restarting the session each time). After that I had a good run but used 2 flashbacks during the run and finished second! This time it shows me scoring points and for the first time I have a leaderboard position top 20%! I could try again and get more info but im scared I'll lose my score again 😧 I got 0 corner cutting or track limit warnings or penalties but thats because the rules arent on stric
  6. @RedDevilKT Tried again today after work, passed it first try without resetting session but still a 0 pointer, code MXMR-PDBH-VHPG-KMAE if you can do that temporary fix that let me have 1 points run last time that would be great😄 appreciate your hard work looking into these things
  7. @RedDevilKT I ran the event again and failed (it did show that I had points if I passed) , I then dropped the AI and finished 3rd place so I completed the event but the problem happened again. 0 Points. Report Code: JCHK-VSEG-DBBX-MBVG If possible could you do what you did last time as that will give me one run to score points so I will put it on an easier difficulty to ensure I at least get a leaderboard position. Thanks 🙂
  8. I have had this exact same thing happen to me but on PC. Started the event not really knowing what I was doing and completed it very easily, AI was set real low. I saw my leaderboard score, only top 73% so I upped the AI difficulty, removed some assists and tried again. I failed, lowered AI difficulty 5 more and then completed the event successfully but it showed the same results as the photos in this thread (passed with 0 points) and It also deleted my old score and now im not even placed on the leaderboard.I successfully completed the event another 2 times yesterday and once more today and s
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