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  1. I’m experiencing a problem with F1 2021 on PS4 where the reflection on the car is not smooth. When passing under trees and banners the reflection is not a smooth reflection. For some reason this is only during gameplay. With replay the reflection is as smooth as butter! I’ve attached two videos that show what I’m talking about. Look closely to the gameplay versus the replay. The reflection is a lot less smoother than replay. Almost making the game unenjoyable. Please help me!!! IMG_5200.MOV IMG_5203.MOV
  2. That would mean that everyone who has the game on ps4 would be experiencing what I am and I haven’t seen anyone with the same issue. You can see what I’m referring to better with the two new videos I attached. If you look closely you can see the difference of the reflection on the car during gameplay versus replay. On gameplay the reflection is not smooth and on replay it is. IMG_5203.MOV IMG_5200.MOV
  3. What settings are you referring to? You can see what I’m talking about better in the two new videos I attached. You can see the “lag” in the reflection of trees and banner on the car. For some reason on replay the reflection is a lot more smoother. Look closely. I don’t know if re-downloading the game would help IMG_5203.MOV IMG_5200.MOV
  4. Does anybody else have this issue?
  5. 1. The reflection on the vehicle when driving under banners or lights is “laggy” and “unrealistic” or “slow” and “not smooth” as seen in the video inserted. * REPORT CODE: KRVD-HPKB-DCGV-PCEC* 2. F1 2021 PlayStation 4 3. This issue occurs on any game mode. Night or day 4. I could not find anyone with this same issue 5. You can see in the video as the vehicle passes under the banner that it is not a smooth reflection and neither are the lights as they reflect off the vehicle. https://youtu.be/zlQJ9NOKcps Please help, thank you
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