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  1. Using an external telemetry programme for the first time it clearly shows how the AI micro brakes and throttles into corners rather than the human brake, turn, throttle. AI is in brown, human in green. Why is it made so? I know it's because "it can and we can't" - but wouldn't this dramatically change the physics model? Anyone able to explain?
  2. far farkin out - Silverstone is wet too - 4 out of 8. this is no longer a joke, i'm out until a patch is in.
  3. Lost my first year of My Team to the "corrupt save" bug. Had to start again - so far I've had 3 wet races out of seven - ridiculous. this is farking me off.....
  4. It would be very handy to be able to toggle on a Full Field Leaderboard when in a race so we can work out our pit strategy. Similar to the one you now provide in the full replay but less intrusive. Just use short names, smaller font and give it some degree of transparency. Again, this is obviously data that you hold and store - why not make it available for use?
  5. Absolutely, should also have the capacity to direct team mate's Pit Strategy and have some degree of Team Orders available within races. This is supposed to be a proper simulation game.
  6. Why did you guys remove all the practice data we had availabe last year? It was handy to have tyre wear for each tyre type, corner data in acclimatisation etc. You obviously still have the data in your program - just make it available again. I like the development benefits aspect of practice modules - that is an improvement. I just don't understand why you would take something away when supposedly improving the content. There appears to be too many things removed from this year's game just to add the useless Braking Point story. Who is the senior bozo at EA who insi
  7. At least he has a chance of winning the world championship in the game coz it's not going to happen in real life. What was Murray's line - "If he didn't have bad luck, he would have no luck at all...."
  8. There is no apparent logic to the AI pit strategy. Everyone starts on softs (even the rank 10+ with free choice), no-one goes long, no under-cut attempts and if it rains (which it does far too much) the pit strategy is out the window - they are in and out changing tyres every few laps. I've seen SSMIIMS - 6 pit stops for no apparent reason. There is no real jeopardy created by good/interesting AI pit strategy, mostly you just wait for it to do something stupid. Just one of the many aspects that need re-balancing.
  9. This was an unfortunate feature of f1 2020, and it has been back in f1 2021 in a limited way. I had it in one wet races at Hungary. Severe flashing of light (like a strobe) when within 1 to 1.5 seconds of a car in front. Impossible to drive in, ended up retiring from the race. I've started simming through wet races as I am fed up with the AI, wet weather frequency and the chance of this strobe effect happening again. Very frustrating when there are so many wet days in this very unbalanced game.
  10. completely agree with this - I had 2 out of every three races rain effected in season 1. i play full races, so 30 plus laps of wet weather with OP AI (they all suddenly drive like Button or Schumacher) is very tedious. It's also completely unrealistic - we've had one wet race IRl this season. There is a list of wet weather races going back 25 years show there are usually between 1 to 5 (max) rain affected races each year - average of 2.48 per year. this needs to be balanced or the option to reduce/eliminate wet weather provided.
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