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  1. Spa, Monza Ascari, Zandvoort, Austria, Japan, Britain all are very hard due to the AI having insane grip. Pouon for instance the AI take with a small lift in 8th and then full power.. myself - A downshift to 7th and then deal with the understeer mid corner. it was that bad in the race I was being overtaken midway through the corner.
  2. 103 AI (Getting up to speed again after time away from these games 😂). AI are insanely fast in any high downforce corner. Just seems like they still have last years downforce. I had 102 AI at Austria hitting 1:01.7’s. The WR currently is a 1:02.2.. come on 😂. The whole Second sector in Britain is a laugh at how much time you lose to them. The first 6 tracks, absolutely fine.. besides a little issue with T3 Spain and T13&14 at France the AI just yet again have insane downforce 😂. Other than that it’s been a really enjoyable game to play!
  3. Honestly I love the new kerbs, just means we have to learn to not abuse certain ones as much any more. You can feel the difference in the types of kerbs. I have found that a big way to help with them is softening the suspension and of course raising the ride height to increase rear stability.
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