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  1. SLRE was a good game, but only until DR came to consoles and I realized how well full price game should be polished :wink: Although I kinda hope that DR will reach their amount of content before D4 or DR2.... maybe an expansion pack is the big secret that is being tested right now?  "Some milestones were met" in september - I won't believe that it doesn't connect to actual Milestones Studios and some agreement. Maybe Toyotas and more Citroens (wich licenses were bought out for the SLRE and this is why they couldnt be featured in DR) are coming? Maybe they agreed to share with Codies s
  2. cool news than! can't wait to take a shot of online racing :smiley: 
  3. What is all about the movement here? Have there been some good news about removal of GFWL I can't find enywhere?
  4. why would You think it will be gone in couple of weeks, as it's almost 1,5 of a year now and it's still not done? Any good neews lately I missed? :)
  5. Hey guys, Does eny of you know how to turn visual damage off?  I've been tweaking with config files, but accomplished nothing. Cheers!
  6. And two months later it is still not fixed. Guys! C'mon! I believe in You :smiley: 
  7. Yep, it's in "Party" discipline.
  8. By all means I do not encourage enyone to cheat. I see you're point and I agree playing online with modded files can go that way though, but since there are no new "weekly challanges" with prizes I've no idea where it could be utilized, as MP is generally about racing other people not AI. It's clearly for single player, you know ;) Was it in the first Risk Your Life? I remember something like this happening there :disappointed_relieved:  If  You guys think Codie's games are buggy, You should have played pre-WoW MMOs.... ;D
  9. In the AI folder there is a file called "catchup". It was written somewhere, that those crazy times and enormous AI speed comes with this mechanic. The game runs smoothly with the file deleted - didn't test it if this really helps with your AI problem, but it may. Although I don't reccomend messing with game files, it can always go wrong in long term. And the mechanic is fun to me, makes the AI keep up to you even when you have a better day and outrun everyone - makes the game more thrilling! :smiley: 
  10. The Grass Jam tech is already in the game :) Is this confirmation that Grass Jam was the datamined thing, or just an opposite? 
  11. By all means I consider he;s set up High End too :open_mouth: 
  12. I don't see the problem here. As there are no sponsors or other campaing-like things, you can just make a custom cup of lenght that suits you ;) Although I kinda understand you, but still it's not end of the world ;D
  13. I hope this is not the "better grass" thingy :smiley:  I think it will do something with clubs/teams, online club wars or something like that. Maybe single player livery making could come with it? TF2 hint wasn't there for nothing! I love CM for doing such things :smiley: 
  14. Agree, although I wouldn't hope for a patch, just look how Codies are strugling to patch they're present tittle ;) Grid 2 isn't nowhere near GAS for me, but it was a great game nonetheless. I don't remember arcede's giving me so much pleasure and fun since original NFS:MW ;D
  15. And it Was FWD in real world too. That's a menu mistake, it doesn't bother me at all, but could hot fixed atleast for PC. We (singleplayers) can't have custom liveries, You can't have all cars at once. Codies felt like giving evyrone everything would be spoiling, I think ;D
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