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  1. Hey guys, Does eny of you know how to turn visual damage off?  I've been tweaking with config files, but accomplished nothing. Cheers!
  2. Hey there fellow drivers! As there is TCL pack DLC released with all what is bad and great about it, we still got a week or (more likely) two to see Drag Pack. Why don't we speculate a little? What do you think we'll see in there? I mean new 1/4mile straight game mode is kinda obvious. But there are some things, that can go both ways. 1. Will automatic gearbox be available? As You know, there is grayed out option in the menus for drag racing gearbox setting. If it was manual  only, why it would be there? On the other hand drag racing with automatic is kinda pointless, as perfect start becomes the only skill factor. 2. Will it be closed specialized cars only (like drift is now), or will it be open for every other car like sprint is. I can't express how I hope for the second. Tomei Cusco Impreza vs short gears Mazda Panspeed anyone? :D 3. What cars there will be? If it's going to be closed like drift, then there will be purpose-built cars which I personally can't name. If it's gonna be open for every car discipline, than I think we will see more cars to return from  Grid 2, that are missing right now like Corvette and BAC Mono - and I kinda hope for them, they both are great and I miss them a lot. 4. Lastly tracks. Where do You think they'll be placed? I think there will be 3-4 straights to choose from, but I doubt we'll see more environments. I think they'll be placed on circuts that are already in the game: Autosport circuit (as it's fictional and implementing 1/4mile straight won't be a problem) and Detroit come first to my mind. And what do You guys hope for? Let the hype grow! :D
  3. Enabling Racenet liveries in singleplayer Custom Cup. As the tittle says. Loore, if it's a problem, I'd like to pay extra for this option, it's no problem for me, although I really don't understand why it's not there from the beggining. A lot of people are asking for this, since Car Pack cars come with no liveries. We bought season passes with some kind of trust. Is it really such a problem? If it is please, tell me. For now I feel like I'm being tottally ignored and that's the worst :c
  4. I've got few questions to those, who already own a copy of GAS. I've already read here, that DLC cars cannot be used in career mode, but can they be used in custom cup mode? And do they have some liveries (like those from career) or are they only "just blue" or "just silver" in Custom Cup, where you can't make your own team with your own colors? It would brake the immersion really, if they were only painted as standard road cars :confused: Secondly: can you use all career liveries in custom cup vs AI? 3.: Are there restriction in custom cup vs AI to discipline&car/track combinations? For example can you make some Endurance discipline races on city tracks? Last one: is turning off all demege making tires stop wearing off in endurance or is this mechanic persistent? I'm afraid that this whole discipline is unfunny atleast because of that from what I read. Cheers guys, have a nice day ;)
  5. Are there any chances that you will enable liveries editor for single player custom cup? I mean I don't see a reason why it's not there enyways, as it is very well implemted into multiplayer. Or maybe could You push some career liveries for DLC cars to use in custom cup atleast. It's kinda sad to use Hundayi Genesis always in dark blue :/ And I'd like to voice my hope that mini-expansions cars will have some liveries to use in SP, as thoose mini-expansions where said to expand both SP and MP! Cheers!
  6. I've got a question concerning the patch adding more track variations to multiplayer. Will it also affect custom race vs AI? Or is it impossible because of AI problems it may cause? Secondly will it let you use drift classes cars in time attacks & races, or will they still be restricted only to drift mode? It would be pretty fun to take those beasts to normal tracks ;) cheers!
  7. Badi23

    DiRTy Gossip about DIRT Rally Games

    SLRE was a good game, but only until DR came to consoles and I realized how well full price game should be polished :wink: Although I kinda hope that DR will reach their amount of content before D4 or DR2.... maybe an expansion pack is the big secret that is being tested right now?  "Some milestones were met" in september - I won't believe that it doesn't connect to actual Milestones Studios and some agreement. Maybe Toyotas and more Citroens (wich licenses were bought out for the SLRE and this is why they couldnt be featured in DR) are coming? Maybe they agreed to share with Codies some materials about countries, wich could help to develop new rally countries without sending actual ppl to those countries? It all would be so great... I'd kill for two or three more countries in Dirt Rally :smile:
  8. Badi23

    DIRT 3 & GFWL

    cool news than! can't wait to take a shot of online racing :smiley: 
  9. What is all about the movement here? Have there been some good news about removal of GFWL I can't find enywhere?
  10. Badi23

    DIRT 3 & GFWL

    why would You think it will be gone in couple of weeks, as it's almost 1,5 of a year now and it's still not done? Any good neews lately I missed? :)
  11. And two months later it is still not fixed. Guys! C'mon! I believe in You :smiley: 
  12. Badi23

    Grid Autosport

    Yep, it's in "Party" discipline.
  13. Badi23

    Team objectives and AI rubber band.

    By all means I do not encourage enyone to cheat. I see you're point and I agree playing online with modded files can go that way though, but since there are no new "weekly challanges" with prizes I've no idea where it could be utilized, as MP is generally about racing other people not AI. It's clearly for single player, you know ;) Was it in the first Risk Your Life? I remember something like this happening there :disappointed_relieved:  If  You guys think Codie's games are buggy, You should have played pre-WoW MMOs.... ;D
  14. Badi23

    Team objectives and AI rubber band.

    In the AI folder there is a file called "catchup". It was written somewhere, that those crazy times and enormous AI speed comes with this mechanic. The game runs smoothly with the file deleted - didn't test it if this really helps with your AI problem, but it may. Although I don't reccomend messing with game files, it can always go wrong in long term. And the mechanic is fun to me, makes the AI keep up to you even when you have a better day and outrun everyone - makes the game more thrilling! :smiley: 
  15. Badi23

    NeW DLC ??????

    The Grass Jam tech is already in the game :) Is this confirmation that Grass Jam was the datamined thing, or just an opposite? 
  16. Badi23

    GAS PC Max Settings

    By all means I consider he;s set up High End too :open_mouth: 
  17. I don't see the problem here. As there are no sponsors or other campaing-like things, you can just make a custom cup of lenght that suits you ;) Although I kinda understand you, but still it's not end of the world ;D
  18. Badi23

    NeW DLC ??????

    I hope this is not the "better grass" thingy :smiley:  I think it will do something with clubs/teams, online club wars or something like that. Maybe single player livery making could come with it? TF2 hint wasn't there for nothing! I love CM for doing such things :smiley: 
  19. Badi23

    Camera options for GRID 2?

    Agree, although I wouldn't hope for a patch, just look how Codies are strugling to patch they're present tittle ;) Grid 2 isn't nowhere near GAS for me, but it was a great game nonetheless. I don't remember arcede's giving me so much pleasure and fun since original NFS:MW ;D
  20. Badi23

    A few questions about Touring Legends

    And it Was FWD in real world too. That's a menu mistake, it doesn't bother me at all, but could hot fixed atleast for PC. We (singleplayers) can't have custom liveries, You can't have all cars at once. Codies felt like giving evyrone everything would be spoiling, I think ;D
  21. Badi23

    Drag Pack speculations.

    Then I was right with my logic pointing out Detroit and Autosport at the beginning :D
  22. Badi23

    Drag Pack speculations.

     When I was messing around in game files, I spoted those lines in "Racetype.config". It looks like we know now where the drag routes will be placed :) so excited about Detroid! :D       <track name_string_id="callahan_oval_drag_route_6">       <track name_string_id="detroit_drag_route_6">       </track>      <track name_string_id="hockenheim_drag_route_6">      
  23. Well, I just started it and I've got problem - Touring Legends Class is not eligible for Sprint discipline in custom cup. Loore, is this the DLC compatibility You were talking about? Speaking of wich Classic Touring class is still unavailable in Sprint (wich was called a bug from the beggining) and now it's 3weeks and nothing happend about it. BTW. The donington circuit is just superb, best curcuit so far in the game, You've made great job guys ;D
  24.   the Sierra is technically a new car because I for whatever reason I looked at the ratings for the 2 cars and the original Sierra is higher rated across all of the categories (don't quote me on the "all" part though). So technically speakong it is a new car. And yes it does have 2 new liveries.  So I guess if you was to put this set of cars in the same class with Classic Tourers the new Tourers would get stomped. Clear as mud right? Than I'm about to eat my words/tongue (dont remember what the idiom was), good point there ;) On the other hand I don't understand why are they so different, if they both are the same model and have a cossworth engine? But I'm not into car mechanics and motorsport as much as some of You guys, so I won't argue ;) cya in Donington ;D
  25. Share all the statistics, mate! And you got 3 car packs for just online play, it's gonna be 50/50 I'd say ;) Although I'm sure that the DLC would've made out a lot better, if was merged with Classic TC class - atleast all the cars would be usable in your beloved online. It's just amazing, how CM's can make things wrong - and what is more amazing, how much fun their games give to me! It's like love/hate relationship :D  much much much more love than hate though ;)