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  1. Mercedes SLS Coupe black series is in Street, SuperCar class. Black Edition liveries are there to choose for 4 Merces and Class A open wheel if I remember right.
  2. I think they'll merge this DLC with Classic Touring Car Cup class, so Nissan (R32) and Ford Sierra will be available alongside new cars. Although I can be tottally wrong.
  3. Isn't Ford Sierra already in the game? I hope for a Toyota, Carina or even Corolla maybe? : D
  4. In which alternative dimension alfa 4c is a hot hatch? :open_mouth: 
  5. Are there any chances that you will enable liveries editor for single player custom cup? I mean I don't see a reason why it's not there enyways, as it is very well implemted into multiplayer. Or maybe could You push some career liveries for DLC cars to use in custom cup atleast. It's kinda sad to use Hundayi Genesis always in dark blue :/ And I'd like to voice my hope that mini-expansions cars will have some liveries to use in SP, as thoose mini-expansions where said to expand both SP and MP! Cheers!
  6. Thank for the answers guys! Well, I hope for thoose liveries too! :/ Despite the hate concerning tires wearing off really noone tried to disable damege though? :D
  7. I've got few questions to those, who already own a copy of GAS. I've already read here, that DLC cars cannot be used in career mode, but can they be used in custom cup mode? And do they have some liveries (like those from career) or are they only "just blue" or "just silver" in Custom Cup, where you can't make your own team with your own colors? It would brake the immersion really, if they were only painted as standard road cars :confused: Secondly: can you use all career liveries in custom cup vs AI? 3.: Are there restriction in custom cup vs AI to discipline&car/track combinations? For
  8. Is turning overall damege off making your tires undamageable too? Or is this mechanic persistent? It could be a solution of some kind...
  9. I've got a question concerning the patch adding more track variations to multiplayer. Will it also affect custom race vs AI? Or is it impossible because of AI problems it may cause? Secondly will it let you use drift classes cars in time attacks & races, or will they still be restricted only to drift mode? It would be pretty fun to take those beasts to normal tracks ;) cheers!
  10. Hey, Justbiglee! Quick question: are there any chances You'll have the patch ready for July 1. ? Or "wayyyyyyyyyy behind" means, that we're not gonna see it 'till 2015? Greetings, all the best guys ;)
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