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  1. Salty boi 😄 Accusations are fun, right?
  2. I don't get why you even need the DRS beep. There are like 1 or 2 DRS zones on each circuit, not that hard to memorize where they are and activate is as soon as you cross the DRS line/sign on track. If you depend on hearing it first, reacting after that and then activate it, you loose 0,5-1sec of DRS activation anyway, so maybe just activate DRS assist? No need to blame Codies for that. For the tracks, it was very well communicated that those tracks will not be there on launch. If you have a problem with that, then why did you not wait until all the tracks are released and bought the game
  3. Curb = American English Kerb = British English https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Curb 🙂
  4. The Youtuber Aarava had this issue as well in his latest Spa Myteam Video. In his video it appears everytime in Q1/Q2/Q3, so either it really is a bug or you have to be especially careful in Spa on F1 2021.
  5. sounds like your rears are locking up under braking, causing your back to break out. set the brake bias 1-2% to the front and try to lock the off throttle diff around 80%. Also setting brake pressure down to 98-96% might help. But as others wrote, it also might be your braking style and also the type of the elevation change on a specific corner. It is easier to brake going uphill as gravity helps slowing you down, you can brake later. Braking downhill will shift the weight of the car towards the front, the rear will get lighter and will become much easier to lock up. Be gentle on the brakes an
  6. Do you remember watching Son Goku training with ultra heavy weight gear? So when he takes off his heavy clothing, he will be extremely fast and strong? 😄 Try to approach it as training for Multiplayer, when you train your throttle control in Myteam S2+ with an overpowered engine and TC off. When you go back to the "weak" multiplayer cars, you will no longer spin or loose the back in heavy traction zones out of slow corners and on the curbs, because you will have way more feel on your throttle. You will be surprised how stable the multiplayer car will feel.
  7. As @marioho already said, the front wing does not only affect front downforce. The front wing is the first part of the car dividing the air in front of it. Its purpose is more of picking up the air and align it for the flow it will take over the whole rest of the car. So yes, altering your front wing will have also affect on the underfloor and bargeboard areas of the car and may even disrupt the airflow for the back of the car, causing more understeer. Here is a great video by Driver61. Is is on the new 2022 car though, but explains pretty well what a front wing actually does: https:
  8. He did not had the money and funds from sponsors etc to make the jump into the higher F-classes so he had to quit. After that, he focused on Sim Racing.
  9. Yes, you can't access the command menues while Jeff is talking, the pressable button on screen disappears as well. I don't know if this is a bug or by design though, but it sure is annoying.
  10. @ OP: Yes. The handling model is way better that 2020, at least for me. Personally, I don't mind things like the 3 tracks not being in the game, there are still plenty of other tracks to practice and perfect 😄
  11. The race program in practice also depends on the tyres you use in that program. Doing the program with softs will burn more fuel over a lap, than on hards. So if you do this program on the hard tyres for example, but go with a soft/medium 1stop in a 25/50% race, you will run out of fuel. But the safe bet is to put 0.4-0.5 more laps in fuel, than the session forecast tells you to. This small amount additional fuel weight does not matter in any way.
  12. I love watching Aaarav's videos but some complaints are just not worth it, imho. The quick practice wear is justified in my eyes. If you do the "mini-game", instead of investing your time and actually playing the game, you should get a drawback. There are 3 practice programs, just do them in like 12 minutes with flying lap/back to garage, which already should be enough for most of the 15 goals/steps. If not, then "mini-game" the remaining ones. He is complaining in his Myteam videos that he does not have the time for that as a content creator, but that's his problem and not even 1% of the
  13. Baku has a lot of traction zones coming out of slow corners, that's why the rears degrade so much quicker than the fronts. It depends on how gentle you are on throttle in these traction zones and how much wheel spin you get. Do you use traction control? Nevertheless, for setup in Baku I run 82% on throttle diff to prevent wheelspin. Tyres are max. pressure, 25 front and 23,5 rears. For example, my tyre wear in a 25% race was: 1st stint inters, 7 laps. 21% front, 32% rear. new tyres, no formation lap. 2nd stint softs, 6 laps. 16-20% front, 29-33% rear (left-right). new tyres.
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